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Laser engraving and cutting machine with a 20/40 W laser module and optional enclosure.

The Snapmaker Ray laser cutting and engraving machine represents the pinnacle of precision and innovation, elevating craftsmanship and fostering boundless creativity. This machine is designed and manufactured by Snapmaker, also known for the multifunctionl and modular solutions such as Snapmaker 2.0 3 in 1Snapmaker Artisan or the Snapmaker J1 3D printer.

Video 1: Introducing the Snapmaker Ray laser cutting and engraving machine. Source: Snapmaker.

Snapmaker Ray is available with either a 20 W or a 40 W laser module, with or without enclosure. Equipped with a 400 × 600 mm work area, this machine accommodates projects as diverse as intricate maps, detailed furniture models, and door signs with ease. The maximum height of the processed object is 160 mm (including two sets of cylindrical feet).

Video 2: Cutting a 20 mm pinewood plank in one pass with the 40 W laser module. Source: Snapmaker.

Leveraging cutting-edge laser beam combining technology, the 40 W laser module sets new standards in performance, utilizing laser beam splitters and beam shaping optics for exceptional results. This enables single-pass cutting capabilities: 20 mm pinewood (40 W), 15 mm basswood plywood (40 W), and 10 mm basswood plywood (20 W). The lasers operate in the 450-460 nm wavelength and the laser spot dimensions are 0.08 x 0.1 mm for the 20 W laser module and 0.1 x 0.15 mm for the 40 W laser module.

Video 3: The manual focusing feature of the laser modules. Source: Snapmaker.

Laser focusing becomes effortless with the intuitive focus lever, ensuring precise calibration in three steps. Additional features include crosshair alignment, laser safety shield, orientation detection, overheat protection, and a built-in quick swap mechanism.

The Snapmaker Ray linear guide rail system

Image 1: The Snapmaker Ray linear guide rail system. Source: Snapmaker.

Engineered with industrial-grade linear rails supporting working speeds up to 500 mm/s (cutting speed is 10-20 mm/s), the Snapmaker Ray ensures precision and durability. Since safety is paramount in laser cutting and engraving, Ray's laser is certified as Laser Class 1 by the FDA. The machine's optional brown acrylic enclosure panels safeguard against laser hazards, while an embedded door-detection sensor halts operations upon door opening for a secure workspace.

The Snapmaker Air Assist feature prevents charring

Image 2: The Snapmaker Air Assist feature prevents charring. Source: Snapmaker.

To ensure optimal quality of each cutting or engraving job, the Air Assist system, managed through the Snapmaker Luban software, regulates airflow to prevent charring, maintain a clean laser lens, and channel fumes away through the grid table. Integration with the Snapmaker Air Purifier further enhances air filtration and ensures a safe and healthy workflow.

The Snapmaker Ray filtration system

Image 3: The Snapmaker Ray filtration system. Source: Snapmaker.

Versatility defines the Snapmaker Ray's material compatibility, allowing engraving on an extensive range, including basswood, pinewood, plywood, beech, walnut, bamboo, MDF, painted metal, tinplate, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, dark glass, slate, brick, ceramic, jade, marble, shale, leather, fabric, canvas, corrugated paper, cardboard, plastic and dark acrylic (blue excluded).

Video 4: Snapmaker Ray engraving on different materials. Source: Snapmaker.

Cutting capabilities extend to various materials, including basswood, pinewood, plywood, beech, walnut, bamboo, MDF, leather, fabric, canvas, corrugated paper cardboard, plastic, dark acrylic (excluding blue), and even stainless steel (0.1 mm thickness) with the 40 W laser.

Support for design files such as STL, SVG, JPEG, PNG, JPG, BMP, DXF, SNAPLZR, and processing files in NC format ensures seamless integration with third-party design software such as Lightburn. Connectivity options include USB and WiFi for streamlined operations. The capabilities of the Snapmaker Ray machine can be further expanded with the help of the Snapmaker add-ons such as the Ray rotary module or the Ray 2 W infrared laser module.

The quick start guide for the Snapmaker Ray laser cutting and engraving machine can be found on the Snapmaker Wiki.

Due to the nature of this product, should the user require support for this product, we may have to refer the user to the manufacturer. In addition, 3D printers sold in kit format do not have a guarantee of operation, as it depends on the correct assembly by the user.

ProductSnapmaker Ray
Manufacturer Snapmaker
Technology Laser engraving and cutting
Working surface 400 x 600 mm
Maximum workpiece height 160 mm (with two sets of cylindrical feet)
Laser 20 / 40 W
Laser class 1
Laser spot dimensions 20 W: 0.08 × 0.1 mm
40 W: 0.1 × 0.15 mm
Wavelength 450-460 nm
Max. speed Working speed: 500 mm/s

Cutting speed:

20 W: 10 mm/s
40 W: 20 mm/s
Compatible materials Cutting:

20 W: Basswood, Pinewood, Plywood, Beech, Walnut, Bamboo, MDF, Leather, Fabric, Canvas, Corrugated Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Dark Acrylic (Blue excluded)

40 W: Basswood, Pinewood, Plywood, Beech, Walnut, Bamboo, MDF, Leather, Fabric, Canvas, Corrugated Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Dark Acrylic (Blue excluded), Stainless Steel (0.1mm)


Basswood, Pinewood, Plywood, Beech, Walnut, Bamboo, MDF, Painted Metal, Tinplate, Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Dark Glass, Slate, Brick, Ceramic, Jade, Marble, Shale, Leather, Fabric, Canvas, Corrugated Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Dark Acrylic (Blue excluded)
Compatible Snapmaker add-ons Enclosure for Snapmaker Ray, Air Purifier, 20W & 40W Laser Module, Rotary Module, 1064 nm Infrared 2W Laser Module
Processable format NC
Software and connectivity
Software Snapmaker Luban, Lightburn
Supported operating systems macOS, Windows, Linux
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB
Electrical properties
Input -
Output -
Consumption 20 W: 140 W
40 W: 215 W
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions 20 W:

Without enclosure: 849 × 600 × 278 mm
With enclosure: 933 × 665 × 417 mm

40 W:

Without enclosure: 849 × 600 × 303 mm
With enclosure: 933 × 665 × 417 mm
Weight (without enclosure) 20 W: 14.6 kg
40 W: 15.06 kg
HS Code 8477.59
Package contents Snapmaker Ray:

20/40 W laser module, power module, Air Assist Pump, air tube, 8x cylindrical foot, 4x foot holder, 4x foot, M8 air tube connector, M5 air tube connector, 2x cable tie, X-axis linear module, 2x Y-axis linear module, 14x cable clip, quick-swap toolhead bracket, cable collector, USB cable, toolhead cable, right linear module connector, left linear module connector, 2x foot connector, WiFi antenna, 2x safety key, laser engraving and cutting platform, AC power cable, microSD card, microSD card reader, 1x baswood plywood sheet, laser safety goggles, 5x cotton swab, laser lens protector, 36x M5x12 screw, 5x M5x12 screw, H3.0 hex key


Enclosure door, 2x front/back panel, 2x side panel, Long Beam-1 (with air inlets), Long Beam-3 (with enclosure converter), Long Beam-4 (with hinges), Long Beam-2 (with hall switch), 2x Short Beam (with LED strip), 2x Short Beam, 5x M4 wing nut, 5x exhaust fan guard, exhaust fan, hose, hose clamp, cord collecting strip, x profile connector, snap bushing, hose connector, enclosure cable, sealing strip, 9x sealing plug, 4x column, H3.0 hex key, H2.5 hex key, 18x M5x30 screw, 5x M4x40 screw, 18x M5x12 screw, 4x M4x12 screw


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