Snapmaker is the company behind the first 3-in-1 desktop machine: 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving and CNC machining. Today, Snapmaker offers to users Snapmaker 2.0, the improved version of Snapmaker Original, as well as a series of consumables to be able to carry out any project.

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Versatility for all sectors

Snapmaker focuses from the beginning on the development and manufacturing of multifunctional machines, which can offer versatility to the user. An example of this is the original Snapmaker and Snapmaker 2.0, two powerful machines with three completely different functionalities just by changing a few parts.

Thanks to the different manufacturing options, Snapmaker 2.0 - 3 in 1 is a more than suitable choice for private users, design studios, small engineering companies or educational institutions.

Quality and innovation

Snapmaker has modified its initial version, bringing major improvements that have an impact on the manufacturing quality of its machines.

In addition, Snapmaker is committed to an intuitive use of the different tools it offers, so it has also developed an open source CAM software: Luban, where files can be prepared for any of the three types of manufacturing quickly and easily.