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Professional desktop 3D printer with single or dual extrusion for pellets, filament or both.

Tumakera manufacturer of industrial 3D printers such as the Big Foot Pro industrial 3D printer, has also developed the NX Pro desktop 3D printer that allows the user to choose between single filament or pellet extrusion, as well as dual extrusion with filament, pellets or filament and pellets. The NX Pro comes without or with enclosure (with fan and HEPA filter), and combines reliability, versatility, robustness, user-friendliness and aesthetics typical of the Tumaker products.

The different varieties of the NX Pro 3D printer

Image 1: The different varieties of the NX Pro 3D printer. Source: Tumaker.

The total print volume also depends on the extrusion system chosen. In order to consult the specific build volumes for each variety of the NX Pro printer, please consult the Technical datasheets available in the Downloads section as well as the Specifications section.

Video 1: 3D printing with the NX Pro single pellet extrusion 3D printer. Source: Tumaker.

The NX Pro 3D printer was designed for maximum performance in the most demanding conditions. With the minimum maintenance, NX Pro gives maximum profitability and its components manufactured and assembled in Europe guarantee reliability and sturdiness.

Tumaker extrusion systems

Tumaker answers different manufacturing needs by offering 5 different extrusion systems for the NX Pro 3D printer:

  1. Single Direct Drive HR extrusion for filament.
  2. Single extrusion for pellets.
  3. Dual Direct Drive HR extrusion for filament.
  4. Dual extrusion for pellets.
  5. Dual Direct Drive HR extrusion for filament and pellets.

The NX Pro 3D printer is capable of working with virtually all materials developed for 3D printing, be it in filament or pellet format. The materials compatible with each NX Pro extrusion system as well as the maximum extrusion and bed temperatures are listed in the table below: 

Extrusion configuration Maximum extrusion temperature Maximum bed temperature Compatible materials
Single/Dual Direct Drive HR extrusion for filament 300 ºC 100 ºC PLA Recycled, PLA Crystal, PLA Silk, PLA 3D870, PLA 3D850, ASA, ABS, ABS FP, r-PET, PET CF, PETG, PETG FP, PETG MDT, PVA, PVA Ultra, HIPS, PC, PP, PP Support, PP GF, PA CF, Nylstrong, PA HT, FLEX 93A, FLEX 98A, TPU Hardness+, TPU CF, Glace (PVB), Medical
Single/dual extrusion for pellets 350 ºC 100 ºC ABS, Catamold 316L, PA6 30GF, PLA, PCL, ASA, PETG, PC+PBT, PC, LDPE, PEKK, PP, PP 30CF, SEBS, Soft TPU Sh18A, PEI Ultem, Ceramic Al2O3, PVC, ABS CF, FLEXA 93, Wood, PA16F + Ferrite, PA12 + Neodymium, PP + Mineral filler, Grilon BK30, PPC 7712, SAN, PC/ASA, PC 20CF, PA66 30GF
Dual extrusion for filament + pellets 300 ºC 100 ºC Same as above
Table 1: The extrusion temperatures and compatible materials for the NX Pro 3D printers. Source: Tumaker.

Thanks to the high maximum extrusion temperatures and the possibility to 3D print with pellets, the NX Pro 3D printer allows for the use of an extremely wide range of materials, from standard commodity plastics, through flexibles or engineering materials reinforced with fibers or particles, to ceramic and metallic polymers, and advanced high-temperature polymers from the PAEK family.

Single Direct Drive HR extrusion for filament

The Direct Drive HR extrusion system for filaments features a professional printing head with a state-of-the-art double mechanical gear system with a 10 kg push force. This amount of force ensures correct filament flow towards the nozzle and helps avoid jams or underextrusion. This extrusion system, in the single or dual version, is ideal for users who work exclusively or mostly with flexible filaments

 Big Foot Pro 3D print head and nozzles Big Foot Pro 3D print head and nozzles

Image 2: NX Pro 3D DD HR print head and nozzles. Source: Tumaker.

The NX Pro filament extrusion system can work at a maximum temperature of 300 ºC for filament, which allows the use of high-temperature filaments such as ASA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, PC and flexibles. Many nozzle diameters can be used with the NX Pro filament extrusion systems, ranging from 0.15 mm to 0.8 mm. The nozzle can heat up to the maximum temperature of 300 ºC in around 2 minutes and the unique ANS ultra-fast nozzle change system allows for a straighftorwad nozzle change.

The Fig Foot Pro utilizes Tumaker's unique EMAXX2 extruders for filament. These extruders provide the highest strategically distributed double traction force, and the industrial strength TB6600 power drivers (up to 4A) allow to obtain the maximum power with the best guarantee and reliability. 

Dual Direct Drive HR extrusion for filament

As far as the Tumaker Dual Direct Drive HR extrusion system, it opens up a world of possibilities for using different colors and materials in one print or the 3D printing of complex structures with support materials, without the risk temperature contamination. The NX Pro 3D dual extrusion printers also use the EMAXX2 extruders in an IDEX extrusion system, which means there are two extruders that move independently of one another on the X axis. 

A close look at the Tumaker Direct Drive HR extruderA close look at the Tumaker Direct Drive HR extruder

Image 3: A close look at the Tumaker Direct Drive HR extruder. Source: Tumaker.

The extruders incorporated into the NX Pro extrusion system are fully machined, which ensures reliability and durability. The NX Pro IDEX extrusion system also allows to print in different modes to duplicate objects or create two mirrored versions of the same object, which significantly increases productivity.

Furthermore, the incorporated end-of-filament sensor ensures safe 3D printing as it enables the user to pick up the interrupted printing session where it ended once new filament has been loaded. Another feature of the NX Pro printer that boosts productivity is the fact that it can work with large-format spools. This solution avoids up to 8 filament changes, which reduces the need for user intervention during the printing process and lowers the risk of failed prints due to lack of filament.

Single and Dual extrusion for pellets

When it comes to single and dual pellet extrusion with the NX Pro printer, it is yet another step to making additive manufacturing more accessible and efficient.

Samples 3D printed from pellets with the NX Pro 3D printer

Image 4: Samples 3D printed from pellets with the NX Pro 3D printer. Source: Tumaker.

3D printing with pellets opens up barriers to using materials that perhaps not available in filament format, testing self-developed materials or printing with certified pellets for the food industry, railway, automotive, medical sector,  and many others.

The NX Pro pellet extrusion head

Image 5: The NX Pro pellet extrusion head. Source: Tumaker.

The NX Pro dual extrusion system for pellets (capable of reaching up to 350 ºC) features a print head designed by Tumaker, with a double integrated temperature sensor. The recommended material are circular pellets of a 3-5 mm diameter.

Dual extrusion for filament + pellets

Tumaker has gone yet further by introducing a fifth printing mode - a dual mode in which one printing head extrudes filament and the other works with pellets.

The Big Foot Pro dual pellet + filament extrusion mode

Image 6: The NX Pro dual pellet + filament extrusion mode. Source: Tumaker.

This level of modularity and versatility makes the NX Pro an extremely valuable and powerful additive manufacturing tool that allows the user to adjust the NX Pro printers to the current manufacturing needs and experiment with the complexity of the 3D printed parts as well as with the types and formats of the materials used.

Ease of use and safety

The NX Pro 3D printer is equipped with a 32-bit processor that ensures printing stability and allows for reaching fast printing speeds. The innovative TMC2660 drivers make NX Pro ultra-quiet, with a 44 dB noise level (40 db with the enclosure door closed). The high precision ball screws allow for an increase in the speed of displacement of the printing heads, and the 45 mm aluminium frame ensures the highest possible stability.

The user interface and build plate of the NX Pro 3D printer

Image 7: The user interface and build plate of the NX Pro 3D printer. Source: Tumaker.

The fast heating build plate of the NX Pro 3D printer incorporates a continuous semi-automatic calibration system. The printing head performs a manufacturing basis measurement once the initial calibration is done, which allows NX Pro to automatically correct without the need for manual adjustments.

The Big Foot Pro 3D printer comes with a perpetual Simplify3D lincence

Image 8: The NX Pro 3D printer comes with a perpetual Simplify3D lincence. Source: Simplify3D.

NXPro offers various connectivity options (depending on the model): USB, WiFi, Micro/SD card or Ethernet. The user interface is a 5" color touchscreen and NX Pro can be controlled via a PC, a tablet or even a smartphone. The software that comes with NX Pro is Simplify 3D, and it comes with a perpetual licence for use convenience.

Advanced desktop 3D printing

The NX Pro by Tumaker is a powerful desktop solution for advanced, versatile and efficient additive manufacturing. With its fast heating semiautomatic levelling build plate, quick change nozzle, many available nozzle diameters, safety features and a straightforward user interface, NX Pro enables printing with a wide range of materials in filament and pellet format, including printing with supports or with various colors and materials in one session. The various available The NX Pro 3D printer by Tumaker will produce high quality complex parts for any project, be it for prototyping, end-use manufacturing, or experimental purposes

Some basic recommendations to keep in mind are to always place the NX Pro printer on a firm and stable surface, in a place without drafts, at an ambient temperature of 15-25 ºC. It is also highly advised to thoroughly clean and lubricate the NX Pro printer every six months to ensure its proper functioning, for example with the Loctite SuperLube. Each 100 hours of printing, the printing head should be cleaned (or more often depending on the printing material) and the nozzle should be changed with every used material.

Useful information on how to set up and use the Tumaker 3D printers can be found:

  1. In the Downloads section in the Manual and Technical datasheets of the products.
  2. On the official Tumaker website in the Manuals and Software section and in the Knowledge Base section.
  3. On the Tumaker YouTube channel.

Manufacturer Tumaker
Technology FDM/FFF/FGF
Certificates -
Printer properties
Print volume

NX Pro filament: 295 x 185 x 200 mm
NX Pro pellet: 290 x 180 x 200 mm

NX Pro filament + filament: 270 x 185 x 200 mm, 235 x 185 x 200 mm (Dual), 145 x 185 x 200 mm (mirror)

NX Pro pellet + pellet: 250 x 185 x 200 mm, 205 x 185 x 200 mm (Dual), 125 x 185 x 200 mm (mirror)

NX Pro filament + pellet: 290 x 185 x 200 mm, 280 x 165 x 200 mm (Dual), 147 x 185 x 200 mm (mirror)

Extruders  Single/Dual
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Pellet diameter 3-5 mm (circular)
Nozzle diameter available Filament: 0.15, 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm (single, filament+filament, filament+pellet)

Pellet: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.2 mm (single, pellet+pellet) / 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 2.0, 4.0, 5.0 (filament+pellet)
Screen 5" color touchscreen
Electronics -
Firmware -
Filament sensor
Nozzle clog sensor
Filament drying device
Print properties
Positioning resolution (XY) -
Positioning resolution (Z) 10 µm
Layer height 0.05-4.1 mm
Max print speed -
Max extruder temperature 300-350 ºC
Max base temperature 100 ºC
Max camera temperature -
Working environment temperature 10-35 ºC (optimal 20 ºC)
Software and conectivity
Software Simplify3D
Compatible files -

NX Pro filament: WiFi / MicroSD / Ethernet (optional)
NX Pro pellet: USB / WiFi / SD / Ethernet (optional)

NX Pro filament+filament: WiFi / MicroSD /Ethernet (optional)
NX Pro pellet+pellet: USB / WiFi / SD /Ethernet (optional)
NX Pro filament+pellet: WiFi / SD /Ethernet (optional)

Electrical properties
Input -
Output -
Consumption SINGLE: 950 W
DUAL: 500 W
Dimesions and weight
Printer dimensions SINGLE:
NXt Pro filament: 550 x 440 x 410 mm / 605 x 501 x 500 mm (with package)

NX Pro pellet: 550 x 440 x 460 mm / 605 x 501 x 500 mm (with package)

NX Pro: 550 x 440 x 410 mm / 605 x 501 x 500 mm (with package)
Printer weight NX Pro: 30 kg / 32 kg (with package)
HS Code 8477.5900


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