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Specialized adhesive for printing polypropylene (PP) filament.

About PP3D Primer

Discover the PP3D Primer, a specialized adhesive tailored specifically for 3D printing with polypropylene filament (PP and PP GF). Engineered to tackle warping challenges common with this material, PP3D Primer ensures exceptional first-layer adhesion, even at a bed temperatures as low as 40 °C (glass bed). Say goodbye to frustrating adhesion issues and warping as this innovative solution guarantees success and quality in your 3D printing endeavors.

How to use it?

Designed for user convenience, the PP3D Primer comes in a liquid adhesive format complete with an integrated brush, facilitating effortless and precise application. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice enthusiast, achieving professional-grade results is now within reach thanks to Recreus' user-friendly solution.

How to use the PP3D Primer

Image 1: How to use the PP3D Primer. Source: Recreus.

Using the PP3D Primer only requires 4 simple steps:

  1. Open the Recreus' PP3D Primer bottle and apply it to the surface of the print area of the part.
  2. Let the PP3D Primer dry for at least 5 minutes on the printer bed.
  3. Adjust the print bed temperature to 40 °C. Do not raise it higher to avoid part deformation.
  4. Once the part is ready, heat the print bed to 85°C to remove the part from the base.

To clean the glue residues, you can use Sanytol or acetone on the printing surface.


Not limited to polypropylene filaments alone, the versatility of PP3D Primer extends its utility to address adhesion challenges across a range of other filament types. From polypropylene with fiberglass filaments to SEBS filaments and beyond, this primer serves as a reliable solution to combat first-layer adhesion issues, ensuring consistent and high-quality prints regardless of the material being used.

Manufacturer Recreus
Content -
Composition 20-40% Xylene
40-40% Ethyl acetate
20-40% Butyl acetate
10-20% Modified chlorinated polyolefin
1-10% Ethylbenzene
<1% Chlorobenzene
<1% Epoxidized oil
HS Code 3305.3
Hazard Warnings and Precautions Flammable Skin irritationRespiratory risk
CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008. For more information, consult the product safety data sheet.


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