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Advanced filament that meets the standards required for the manufacture of aerospace components.

Essentium is a manufacturer of FDM 3D printing products. Its product portfolio ranges from industrial 3D printers to filaments for the professional industrial sector. In the materials segment, it stands out from other manufacturers for the development of filaments with specific properties, ideal for very specific demanding applications in sectors such as automotive or aerospace, among others.

The manufacture of 3D printed parts for demanding applications requires the use of materials with advanced properties, whether mechanical, thermal or chemical resistance. For such high-performance applications, Essentium has developed a series of industrial-grade filaments belonging to the PAEK family.

Essentium's 9085 ULTEM filament is an advanced FDM 3D printing material. This filament is composed from SABIC ULTEM™ 9085 resin.

3D printed parts with Essentium 9085 filament.

Image 1: 3D printed parts with Essentium 9085 filament. Source: Essentium.

Advanced features

PEI ULTEM 9085 is the most modified material within the PAEK family, which is why it is even designated as a resin by experts in the field. This material stands out for its heat resistance, which is one of the highest in the FDM/FFF 3D printing sector.

The advantage of PEI is that at these temperatures the mechanical properties hardly change at all. This is because its high dimensional stability maintains the structural shape even at higher temperatures, which is unthinkable with most existing materials in FDM/FFF 3D printing.

Specifically, Essentium 9085 filament has outstanding properties such as:

  • Excellent temperature resistance.
  • Excellent hardness.
  • High strength and stiffness.
  • Inherently flame retardant.
  • Resistance to environmental stress

Ideal for demanding applications

ULTEM 9085 is the material of choice for the aerospace industry. Thanks to its thermal resistance, chemical resistance, tear resistance and high performance, this material meets the most stringent testing and traceability criteria required by the aerospace industry and certification regulatory agencies.

Thus, Essentium 9085 filament base resin meets FAR 25.853 and OSU 65/65 standards for flammability, heat release, smoke density and toxicity. This makes parts made from Essentium 9085 filament ideal for applications such as aerospace, automotive and industrial components that must meet stringent requirements in terms of strength, performance and flammability.

 Aerospace applications.

Image 2: Aerospace applications. Source: Essentium.

In the aerospace sector, materials such as Essentium 9085 filament offer advantages such as:

  • Obsolescence cure: Possibility of manufacturing old parts by reverse engineering.
  • Safety: Previously, materials were used that have proven to be harmful to human health. Thanks to research and development of advanced materials, it is now possible to work more safely.
  • Cost savings: The possibility of 3D printing parts in-house, without having to rely on third parties. This makes it possible to reduce or simplify long supply chains. This has an impact on manufacturing costs, but also reduces production times.

Thanks to materials such as Essentium 9085 filament, FDM 3D printing is useful in many industries, enabling the production not only of prototypes, but also of fully functional final parts with advanced mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.

Impact strength (KJ/m2) 8
Elongation at break (%) 7
Tensile strength (MPa) 80
Tensile modulus (MPa) 2440
Flexural strength (MPa) 125
Flexural modulus (MPa) 2530
Softening temperature (ºC) 152
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To use the 9085 filament, you need a great deal of experience in the 3D printing industry and a qualified 3D printer. It is recommended to use industrial 3D printers, which meet all the requirements and are optimised for working with this type of filament.

When processing this material, a printing temperature of 360 - 390 °C, a bed temperature of 120 - 140 °C and a heated chamber at a temperature of 120 - 140 °C are recommended.

The recommended printing speed is between 30 and 40 mm/s, with a lower printing speed recommended for the first layer. It is not necessary to work with a layer fan, although up to 15 % can be used.

To ensure good adhesion to the bed and to avoid warping, the use of Nano Polymer Adhesive is recommended.

General information
Manufacturer Essentium
Material 9085 ULTEM
Format Bobina de 750 kg
Bobina de 2 Kg
Density 1.34 g/cm3
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Diameter tolerance -
Filament length ±232 m (Ø 1.75 mm - 750 g)
±320 m (Ø 1.75 mm - 2 Kg)
Colour Natural
RAL/Pantone -
Printing properties
Printing temperature 360 - 390 ºC
Base/bed temperature 120 - 140 ºC
Chamber temperature 140 - 200 ºC
Layer fan 0 - 10 %
Recommended print speed 20 - 40 mm/s
Mechanical properties
Izod impact resistance notched (ISO 180/A) XY 8.4 KJ/m2
45/45 9.9 KJ/m2
YX 4.6 KJ/m2
ZX 3.7 KJ/m2
Charpy impact resistance -
Elongation at break (ISO 37) XY 6.9 %
45/45 5.8 %
YX 3.2 %
ZX 3.5 %
Tensile strength (ISO 527-2) XY 79.5 MPa
45/45 70 MPa
YX 45.8 MPa
ZX 62.9 MPa
Tensile modulus (ISO 527-2) XY 2440 MPa
45/45 2320 MPa
YX 2170 MPa
ZX 2510 MPa
Bending strength (ISO 178) XY 125 MPa
45/45 88.5 MPa
YX 75.1 MPa
ZX 112 MPa
Bending modulus (ISO 178) XY 2530 MPa
45/45 2070 MPa
YX 2010 MPa
ZX 2490 MPa
Surface hardness (ISO 868) -
Other properties
FAA Flammability (FAR 25.853 A/B) <5
Moisture absorption (23 ºC/ 50% RH) (ISO 62) 0.17 %
Thermal properties
Softening temperature (ISO 75) 152 ºC
Melting temperature -
Transparency -
Brightness value -
Additional information
HS Code 3916.9
Spool diameter (outside) -
Spool diameter (inner bore) -
Reel width -

*The typical values listed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the final results and properties with your own tests. For further information please refer to the product data sheet.


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