Tecnikoa is a Spanish manufacturer of flexible TPU-based filaments, recognized for its innovative Filafresh® scented filaments and its Filafly® mosquito-repellent fragrance filament.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Tecnikoa was born as a creative and innovative technological company with the aim of developing and manufacturing FDM 3D printing materials.

The manufacture of their products is carried out in Spain, which allows them to completely control the entire production process, incorporating the latest technological advances to offer high quality products.

Tecnikoa is a company committed to sustainability that strives to preserve the environment, reducing energy consumption using recycled and reusable materials.

Tecnikoa's offer includes mostly flexible TPU-based filaments; always with a degree of flexibility and elasticity that allows printing with any FDM 3D printer in a simple way.

Filafresh®, scented filaments

One of the most striking products in the range of filaments that Tecnikoa produces is the Filafresh® range of filaments. These TPU-based filaments stand out because they give off scent.

Depending on the color of the Filafresh® filament, it gives off one or another aroma. Among these scents we can find strawberry gum, fresh mint or cola, reaching a total of 10 different colors and aromas.

Filafly®, the filament that scares away mosquitoes

Following the Filafresh® concept, Tecnikoa has gone further with its Filafly® filament. A filament scented with citronella, a substance of plant origin that works as a mosquito repellent with proven efficacy.

The highlight of Tecnikoa scented filaments is that their scent is guaranteed for 2 years as long as the printed parts are not outside, exposed to high temperatures and other inclemencies.