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Permanent quick-drying 3D scanning spray free of titanium dioxide.

The Tarnish 90 3D scanning spray from Reflecon is permament spray optimized for use with laser 3D scanners and designed for the purpose of matting challenging surfaces such as reflecting, mirroring, transparent, or dark areas and thus improving the scanning results. Due to the fact that it does not evaporate, this spray is ideal for lengthy scanning processes. Furthermore, the special quick drying formula makes the scanning process even more efficient.

Video 1: Applying the Tarnish 90 3D scanning spray. Source: Reflecon.

Unlike the Tarnish 80 spray, Tarnish 90 does contain solvents but it is 100% free of titanium dioxide. Despite that, the Tarnish 90 spray still provides excellent optical properties and layer precision. This spray applies in a smooth and even white powder layer and once the scanning process is complete, the spray can be removed with just a cloth, a brush or water. For more tips on how to use this spray, visit the Usage Tips section. For reaching particularly challenging areas, Reflection also offers the Tarnish 90 spray in a practical Piccolo Pen format for a more efficient workflow.

The material compatibility of the Tarnish 90 3D scanning spray

Image 1: The material compatibility of the Tarnish 90 3D scanning spray. Source: Reflecon.

Just like all Reflecon scanning sprays, the Tarnish 90 spray is ideal applications such as R&D, metrology, quality control, and reverse engineering. The compatible materials include ferrous materials like cast uncoated steel, non-coated non-ferrous materials such as cotton, glass, and ceramics, various plastics such as PE, PP and PA, as well as 2K coatings.

Video 2: The efficient use of the Reflecon 3D scanning sprays. Source: Reflecon.

Before using Tarnish 90, it is essential to clean the scanned objects thoroughly to prevent residue on the surface. Detailed guidance on application and compatibility can be found in the Usage Tips section and a full compatibility table is available in the Downloads section.

Before applying the Tarnish 90 spray onto the desired surface, the user must thoroughly clean the surface to remove any dust or debris. Once the surface is dry, the spray can be applied without causing smears from a distance of 20-30 cm even overhead (360º). Once the scanning is done, the spray can be removed with a cloth, brush or water.

The Tarnish 90 spray applies wet but dries quickly. If drops form on the object, it means the spraying distance was too close and it must be increased. Another trick to avoid drop formation is faster spraying.

The Tarnish 90 spray boasts a minimum shelf life of 3 years when stored at temperatures between 5 and 45 ºC in aerosol form. Avoid using the spray in temperatures below 5 ºC as the state of the spray may change, but it will return to normal when the temperature rises above 5 ºC.

Manufacturer Reflecon
Quantity 500 mL
HS Code 32064970
Hazard and precautionary statements Inflamable 
For further information, see product safety data sheet.


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