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Light and stiff modular target frame for the quick scanning of part series.

This target frame from AESUB is the perfect solution for swift 3D scanning of part series. Boasting a modular, lightweight, and exceptionally rigid structure, it facilitates the dependable digitization of small to midsize components and streamlines the object positioning process for optical measurement, requiring just a few simple steps. Its hexagonal configuration optimizes visibility of reference markers, while the modular design accommodates assembly of target frames with diameters of 200 mm or 300 mm.

Video 1: How to use the AESUB target frame. Source: AESUB.

Crafted through additive manufacturing, utilizing Ultem material of certified AM aerospace grade quality, the frame integrates plug and screw connections directly into its structure. This innovative construction enables tool-free assembly, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Moreover, its black finish obviates the need for chemical finishing processes like coloring or anodizing.

The AESUB target frame is versatile and easy to use

Image 1: The AESUB target frame is versatile and easy to use. Source: AESUB.

Equipped with a flexible arm featuring grippers, the frame facilitates effortless clamping of parts, further augmenting its utility. When combined with AESUBdots, the AESUB frame delivers unparalleled performance, making it an indispensable asset for precision scanning operations.

The available packages

The AESUB frame is available in three different packages:

  1. Complete set (Kombo Frame) with one 200 mm frame, one 300 mm frame, the corresponding accessories and a case for convenient storage and transporting.

    The AESUB Kombo Frame set comes with the small and big frame, and a case

    Image 2: The AESUB Kombo Frame set comes with the small and big frame, and a case. Source: AESUB.
  2. Small AESUB frame set (Small Frame) with the 200 mm frame and its accessories.
  3. Big AESUB frame set (Big Frame) with the 300 mm frame and its accessories.

The accessories that each frame comes with are as following: 2 diameter frames (200 mm or 300 mm), 8 screw extension rods (100 mm), 4 clip extension rods (100 mm), 2 metal arms with crocodile clamp holder, 2 holders for metal arms, 4 crocodile clamps, and 1 Allen key.

Transform your 3D scanning workflow

The AESUB target frame redefines 3D scanning workflows, offering a lightweight and adaptable design that ensures precise digitization of small and medium-sized parts. Its sturdy body and smart design ensure durability, ease of use and versatilty, features much desired in dynamic and busy environments with intense 3D scanning sessions. Teamed with AESUBdots, the AESUB target frame delivers unparalleled accuracy, making it indispensable for swift and reliable 3D scanning tasks.


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