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Easy to use and store 3D scanning net with 300 pre-applied magnetic reference points.

This target net from AESUB is an innovative solution designed to streamline the 3D scanning process of applying retroreflective reference points for precise 3D scanning of medium-sized to large components. This product features 300 pre-assembled reference points on a convenient net format, with each point base equipped with a magnet for secure placement.

The AESUB target net used to 3D scan the hood of a car

Image 1: The AESUB target net used to 3D scan the hood of a car. Source: AESUB.

The compact 6 mm diameter dots ensure minimal interference during scanning, while the net's generous size of 1.5 x 2.5 meters accommodates various component sizes. Mounted on a sleek black mesh, the dots offer optimal contrast and visibility. The target net comes in a fabric bag for convenient transportation and storage.

Video 1: How to use the AESUB target net. Source: AESUB.

What sets the AESUB target net apart is its ease of use – simply "throw" the net onto the object, and the dots are instantly positioned, eliminating the need for tedious removal and ensuring consistent and accurate results. Additionally, the reusable design enhances cost-effectiveness while remaining compatible with all vanishing AESUB sprays, ensuring seamless integration into the scanning process.


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