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AESUBdots Retro Infinity markers


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Retro-reflective target dots for 3D scanning. 400 dots per roll.

In 3D scanning, markers are essential for accurate reconstruction. Strategically placed, they serve as reference points, ensuring precise alignment and calibration. Markers enhance data fidelity, making them indispensable for reliable results in scanning.

Type of dotsAvailable diametersAmount on roll
6 mm 400 dots
3 mm, 6 mm 3 mm – 3000 dots
6 mm – 3000 dots
3 mm, 6 mm 3 mm – 3000 dots
6 mm – 3000 dots
Black & white 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm 1.5 mm – 6.000 dots
3 mm – 6.000 dotsl
5 mm – 6.000 dots
8 mm – 3.000 dots
10 mm – 3.000 dots
12 mm – 3.000 dots
Table 1: The available diameters and amounts of the AESUB dots. Source: AESUB.

AESUB's Retro Reflective Infinity scanning dots (6 mm, 400 dots/roll) offer an ingenious solution for laser light scanners, serving as retroreflective reference targets. Designed to streamline scanning processes, these dots are remarkably easy, simple, and quick to remove, enhancing efficiency in workflow.

The AESUB vanishing scanning sprays

Image 1: The AESUB vanishing scanning sprays. Source: AESUB. 

Coiled on a roll for convenient access and storage, they prove ideal for various applications, especially when paired with AESUB's vanishing sprays. With their precision and versatility, AESUB's Retro Reflective Infinity scanning dots elevate scanning endeavors, promising accuracy and ease at every stage.


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