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3D scanner for a wide range of applications. Improved hardware, design and usability.

The POP 3 3D scanner by Revopoint is a handheld 3D scanner from the POP family. POP 3 comes with an upgraded hardware, an improved design and better usability. These improvements allow POP 3 to provide scans with even higher quality and in a more efficient manner in sectors such as 3D printing, 3D animation, reverse engineering, healthcare, product design, historical digitization, VR/AR, and much more.

Video 1: The POP 3 3D scanner by Revopoint. Source: Revopoint.

POP 3 works with infrared structured light technology (class 1) with a dual camera arrangement (RGB camera and depth camera). This scanner is perfect for the 3D scanning of medium-sized objects at a working distance of 150 - 400 mm. The closest single capture range is 61 x 68 @ 150 mm and the furthest single capture range is 244 x 180 @ 400 mm.

Image 1: A historical object 3D scanned with the POP 3 scanner. Source: Revopoint.

POP 3 has a single-frame precision of up to 0.05 mm and a point distance resolution of up to 0.05 mm. The minimum scan volume is 20 x 20 x 20 mm and the maximum scan volume is 2500 x 2500 x 2500 mm. POP 3 can scan at a maximum speed of 12 - 18 fps with feature or marker alignment, and in many different scanning modes: handheld, with a tripod, with turntable, or with or without markers.

The POP 3 standard package

Image 2: The POP 3 standard package. Source: Revopoint.

POP 3 comes in two versions: standard and advanced. The standard package contains the scanner, a tripod, a phone holder, a 2-in-1 mobile cable, a calibration board, a type-C USB cable and type-C adapter, a mini turntable and its adapter, a marker topper, a carrying case, a sample bust, and a gift (glue tack, a black sheet and markers).

The POP 3 advanced package

Image 3: The POP 3 advanced package. Source: Revopoint.

The advanced package additionally contains a power bank, a dual-axis turntable with a dedicated charger, and a reusable sticky pad. The dual-axis turntable is 82 x 200 mm, rotates at a maximum speed of 18-90 seconds per rotation, and can support a maximum load of 5 kg. Its rotation direction and speed can be controlled via the Revo Scan software/app via Bluetooth connection.

The POP 3 3D scanner's IMU helps ensure high quality

Image 4: The POP 3 3D scanner's IMU helps ensure high quality. Source: Revopoint.

With POP 3 the user can enjoy more intelligent scanning with seamless tracking and frame stitching. This is possible thanks to the scanner's 9-axis IMU (Innertial Measurement Unit), a novel element equipped with a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer. The IMU's task is to continuously measure the scanner's movement and position, and help get rid of faulty frames caused by fast movement or shaking

The POP 3 3D scanner's dual camera

Image 5: The POP 3 3D scanner's dual camera. Source: Revopoint.

The POP 3 scanner provides improved color and texture accuracy. This is thanks to the bigger aperture of the RGB camera (1 MP), allowing for more light to be let into the scanner's lens. The POP 3's aperture is about 20 % bigger than that of the POP 2 scanner.

Image 6: A shoe 3D scanned with the POP 3 scanner. Source: Revopoint.

The dual white LEDs are a new element that provides additional illumination to eliminate shadows and make the colors more vibrant. For the scanning of problematic objects (transparent, dark or reflective) or scanning in difficult light conditions or outdoors, it is recommended to use the AESUB scanning sprays available in many variants for different scanning conditions. It is not recommended to scan in direct sunlight.

Ease of use

Apart from numerous hardware updates, the POP 3 scanner has certain improvements as far as user interface. The scanner is easy to control thanks to the 3 touch-sensitive buttons placed in the  back of the device. With these buttons the user can start and pause the scanning process, as well as control the exposure of the depth camera. 

The user-friendly interface of the POP 3 scanner

Image 7: The user-friendly interface of the POP 3 scanner. Source: Revopoint.

The POP 3 3D scanner is easy to carry as it weighs only 190 g and can be transported safely in the carrying case supplied with both the standard and advanced package. These features make the POP 3 scanner a handy device that can be taken anywhere and stored in any space. The dedicated scanning software to be used with the POP 3 scanner is the Revo Scan software, included with the scanner.

Video 2: The Revo Scan software. Source: Revopoint.

POP 3 is powered by one USB type-C cable only, and that is all that is needed to directly connect POP 3 to a laptop or a phone for streamlined 3D scanning (Windows, Android and macOS). In order to accomodate iOS users, the POP 3 scanner also offers WiFi connectivity (can also be used by Windows, Android and macOS). The power bank provided with the advanced package allows the user to scan with the help of a phone for a long time. POP 3 is compatible with Windows 10/11 (64-bit), Android, iOS and macOS.

The power requirements of the POP 3 scanner are 5 V DC, 1 A. POP 3 is compatible with Windows 10/11 (64-bit), Android, iOS and macOS. The minimum system requirements are Intel Core i5 with 8 GB RAM, and the recommended system requirements are Intel Core i7 with 18 GB RAM or better.

3D scanning made simple

Independently of the application, the POP 3 3D scanner by Revopoint is the perfect device. Its smart design and upgraded hardware guarantee smooth and precise scanning indoors or outdoors. The provided tripod allows for hands-free scanning and the turntable included with the premium package adds yet another convenient functionality. With POP 3, medium-sized objects can be scanned with speed and precision, and the rendered 3D scan can be directly used for 3D printing, AR/VR modeling, 3D design, reverse engineering, historic preservation, education, e-commerce, and much more. POP 3 offers professional 3D scanning quality combined with ease of use and compact design that make it ideal for both professionals as well as beginners.

As far as product installation, use and maintenance, the user can find many resources on the Revopoint YouTube channel and the Revopoint product support webpage.

A quick start guide and scanning tips for the POP 3 3D scanner, as well as a user manual for Revo Studio can be found in the Downloads section.

General Information
Manufacturer Revopoint
Version POP 3
Scanning Modes Manual scanning
Tripod scanning
Rotary platform scanning (advanced)

Feature/marker/color alignment
Scanning Accuracy 0.05 mm
Resolution 0.05 mm
Scanning Speed 12 - 18 fps
Working Distance 150-400 mm
Scanner Size 153 x 45 x 29 mm
Weight 190 g
Scanning Area min. 20 x 20 x 20 mm
max. 2500 x 2500 x 2500 mm
Scanning Range -
Frame Rate -
Output Format .obj / .stl / .ply
Operating Temperature -
Package Contents Standard Kit

1x POP 3 scanner
1x tripod
1x phone holder
1x Type-C adapter
1x Type-C USB cable
1x mobile 2-in-1 cable
1x mini rotary platform
1x markers
1x USB cable for rotary platform
1x calibration plate
1x carrying case
1x test bust
1x gift (adhesive glue, black sheet, and markers)

Advanced Kit

1x POP 3 scanner
1x tripod
1x phone holder
1x power bank
1x Type-C adapter
1x Type-C USB cable
1x mobile 2-in-1 cable
1x mini rotary platform
1x USB cable for rotary platform
1x calibration plate
1x carrying case
1x test bust
1x gift (adhesive glue, black sheet, and markers)

Double-axis Rotary Platform Package:

1x double-axis rotary platform
1x markers
1x reusable adhesive pad
1x double-axis rotary platform charger

Other Information
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