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A turntable for the easier 3D scanning of humans.

Thor3D, famous for the design and manufacturing of the Calibry and Calibry Mini 3D scanners, has designed a turntable for the easier and more accurate 3D scanning of humans. A turntable is an excellent complement to any handheld 3D scanner available on the market.

The Thor3D turntable

Image 1: The Thor3D turntable. Source: Thor3D.

The Thor3D turntable helps capture data smoothly and makes the 3D scanning process much quicker and more reliable since the user does not have to walk around the subject, which reduces the risk of stitching errors. Using the Tho3D turntable is as easy as placing the person in the desired position on the turntable, turning on the turntable and scanning.

The Thor3D turntable is made of high quality ABS, has a compact design (30 cm in diameter, 6 cm in height), only weighs 1.8 kg but can support a load of up to 150 kg. The turntable comes with all the necessary cables and a convenient remote controller. The speed of rotation can be adjusted (20-60 rpm).

General information
Manufacturer Thor3D
Version -
Material ABS
Dimensions Ø 30 cm x 6 cm
Rotational speed 20-60 rpm
Maximum load 150 kg
Power 4 W
Weight 1.8 kg
HS Code 8477.59


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