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BCN Sigmax is a professional FDM 3D printer that allows to realize models of great complexity thanks to its double independent extruder and to the large area of impression (420x297x210mm).

BCN Sigmax is the most revolutionary FDM 3D printer of the moment due to its great precision, robustness, large print area (420x297x210mm) and many more qualities listed below.

Video 1: Presentation BCN3D Sigmax. Source: BCN3D


The first thing that catches the attention of the BCN Sigmax FDM 3D printer are the two independent extruders it has, which can print two different materials at once or make pieces in two colors. As shown in the following image, this 3D printer allows the combination of rigid materials (PLA) with flexible materials (TPU) with an amazing ease and finish.

BCN PLA and flexible material

Image 1: Rigid material combined with flexible one. Source: BCN3D


Within the combination of materials, another interesting set consists of rigid material (PLA) and a water-soluble support (PVA), a combination that allows models with complex shapes to be removed and the supports removed without any effort.

Video 2: Easily print complex parts. Source: BCN3D


Another advantage of having separate heads is that the extruder that isn't in operation remains inactive in its rest area and thus prevents plastic drips on the part being printed which affect the surface finish of the part. In addition, the BCN Sigmax, having such a large print base, offers two 3D printing methods in which the same part is made in each extruder. The first mode is the Duplication Mode, which prints the model simultaneously on the two heads, thus doubling the manufacturing productivity. This mode is very useful for making large quantities of the same piece.

Sigmax Duplication Mode

Image 2: Duplication Mode. Fuente: BCN3D

The second mode is the Mirror Mode, which prints the model and its symmetrical part at the same time (requiring only the original design), thus increasing the speed of work and saving valuable design time.

Sigmax Mirror Mode

Image 3: Mirror Mode. Source: BCN3D


All of the above is powered by the large range of HotEnd (brass nozzle: 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1) that allows printing from small size to large models and abrasive materials thanks to a HotEnd of Stainless Steel Tempered of 0.5mm diameter, ideal size for printing all types of materials containing fibers (woodceramicscarbongrafhene...) and materials of industrial use as Nylon or PC.

Sigmax HotEnd

Image 4: HotEnds Sigmax. Source: BCN3D


Thanks to the entire HotEnd range and the IDEX (Dual Independent Extruder) system, the user can use two different materials with different nozzle diameters, optimizing the time of 3D printing as much as possible.

In the structural part the Sigmax presents a great robustness that is based on a structure of aluminum profiles with calibrated rails of great resistance to the wear, covered with a steel casing, structural materials indispensable for a 3D printer to work with precision. To achieve maximum precision at the time of printing the desired model, this 3D printer has a new Stepper Drivers that stand out over the usual for its thorough management of power.


 Image 5: Stepper Drivers. Source: BCN3D


To minimize noise, Sigmax features an advanced yet powerful cooling system that reduces the operating sound to the point of being a pleasant desk companion.

Sigmax, as a powerful 3D printer that is, has user assistance systems from its screen (color and advanced interface), such as filament change assistant that turns this task into a simple process of few minutes.

Víieo 3: Filament Change. Source: BCN3D


It also has one of the most advanced and accurate base leveling system that currently exists. The following video shows clearly how to perform this operation.

Víieo 4: Assisted base leveling. Source: BCN3D

Finally, it should be noted that BCN has a laminating software for Sigmax, called BCN3D-Cura which is based on well-known 3D Cura software with specific configuration for this 3D printer, giving the consumer a great facility to take advantage of the full potential of the Sigmax.


Image 6: BCN3D-Cura. Source: BCN3D


For all of the above, because of its easy handling, it allows printing all kinds of materials (PLAABSTPUNylonsHIPSPC, PPPVA, ASAwood filaments y más) and its large 3D printing area (420x297x210mm), the BCN Sigmax 3D printer is ideal for all types of applications, both domestic and pre-industrial.

Sigmax BCN

Image 7: BCN Sigmax. Source: BCN3D

Here's a series of videos that explain the first steps to take when buying the Sigmax BCN and the maintenance that the 3D printer requires.

1- Unpacked:

Vídeo 1: Unpacked. Source: BCN3D


2- Fine tunning:

Before starting to print for the first time, it is necessary to assemble some parts that can not be assembled for safety reasons.

Video 2: Fine tunning. Source: BCN3D

3- Place the coils:

Video 3: Place the coils. Source: BCN3D


4- Download 3D Cure and First Dual Impression:

You must download the specific 3D Cure for Sigmax and generate the .gcode. Following the steps of the video you will learn how to make your first dual 3D printing.

Video 4: First 3D Printing. Source: BCN3D


5- 3D Printer Calibration:

This is the most important step, the calibration of the base is the decisive process to obtain quality 3D prints. With the following video you will learn how to perform Sigmax calibration in a simple, fast and efficient way.

Video 5: Calibration 3D Printer. Source: BCN3D


6- Replace broken filaments:

The following video shows how to solve the problem of filament rupture inside the bowden tube.

Video 6: Replace broken filaments. Source: BCN3D


7- Cleaning the HotEnd:

To get the perfect operation of the HotEnd just use a cleaning filament and follow the steps of the video.

Video 7: Cleaning the HotEnd. Source: BCN3D


8- Filament Change:

It's advisable to clean the HotEnd, as described in the previous section, before completing the filament change process.

Video 8: Filament Change. Source: BCN3D


9- Changing HotEnd:

Video 9: Changing HotEnd. Source: BCN3D


10- Firmware update:

To keep Sigmax always updated, follow the procedure quoted in the following video.

Vdeo 10: Update Firmware. Source: BCN3D

  • Manufacturer: BCN3D Technologies.

  • Model: Sigmax.

  • The box contains:

1x BCN3D Sigmax.
2x 0.60mm HotEnd (Standar).
2x 0.40mm HotEnd
1x Quick Start Guide.
2x Bowden tubes.
4x Flat cable clips.
2x Reels for coils.
2x Purge tabs.
1x Crystal.
1x Power cord.
1x SD.
1x USB Cable.
2x PLA coils.
1x Spatula.
1x Phillips screwdriver.
3x Allen wrenches
1x Nylon filament.
1x 3DLac (Only for Europe except Greece and Ukraine).
1x Sample piece.
1x Warranty.

  • Physical Dimensions:

Overall dimensions: 675 x 440 x 680 mm
Package Dimensions: 760 x 550 x 630 mm
Weight: 18kg
Package weight: 24kg

  • Printer Properties:

Technology: FFF
Print volume: 420 x 297 x 210 mm
Independent Extruders (IDEX)
Number of extruders: 2
Diameter of the nozzle: 0.3mm, 0.4mm (standar), 0.5mm (Stainless Steel Tempered), 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm
Color capacitive touch screen (TouchPAD)
Connectivity: SD Card or USB
Electronics: BCN3D Electronics v1.0
Firmware: BCN3d Sigmax - Marlin
Compatible Files: gcode
Sound of work: 50 dB (A)
Certificates: CE, FCC

  • Print properties:

Layer height: 0.05 - 0.5mm (depending on the diameter of the nozzle)
Positioning resolution(X/Y/Z): 12.5 µm/ 12.5 µm/ 1µm
Operating temperature: 15ºC - 35ºC
HotEnd Maximum Temperature: 290ºC
Max Printing Temperature: 280ºC
Maximum warm bed temperature: 100ºC
Support material: PVA to PLAHIPS to ABS

  • Materials:

Filament diameter: 2.85 ± 0.05 mm
Supported materials: PLAABSPVA, Copoliésteres (PET)Nylon, TPUHIPSespeciales

  • Software:

File preparation software: Cura-BCN3D, Simplify3D
Operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
Compatible Files: STL. / OBJ. / AMF

  • Electrical properties:

Input: AC 84-240V / AC 7.6-2.6A / 50-60Hz
Output: 24V DC. 26A
Consumption: 480W


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