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Hardware and app for designing and programming toy robots with 3D printed parts. Ideal for STEAM.

AOSEED was established in 2011 with the aim of sparking the creativity of children using 3D technology. Their user-friendly applications and educational resources, such as the X-KIT STEAM set, have revolutionized STEM education on a global scale, enabling youngsters to delve into exploration, innovation, and contribute to shaping tomorrow's world.

Video 1: The X-KIT STEAM set. Source: AOSEED.

The X-KIT is a collaborative suite that consists of hardware and the application X-KIT APP. In combination with 3D printing, this kit provides an opportunity for children to develop their interests from a very early age and practice STEAM skills via designing, coding, 3D printing, electronics assembly and software use.

The workflow with the X-KIT

Image 1: The workflow with the X-KIT. Source: AOSEED.

In order to enable a wider audience to engage with 3D design and printing, the X-KIT encourages the users to 3D print the parts available in the library or own parts to connect them with the hub and electric modules. The 3D printing can be done with the help of the X-MAKER user-friendly FDM 3D printer and the X-PRINT (or other) laminating software. The X-MAKER was designed specially for the STEAM environment. The X-KIT can also be used in combination with any other FDM 3D printer the user might already have.

The hardware

  • The hub (x1) - the hub is a compact device that serves as the core of the X-KIT. It indicates that it is on with a green power signal and it connects to the app via Bluetooth (blue Bluetooth signal). Readiness for data transmission and operation is indicated by a yellow data signal. The hub is also equipped with a power button, start and pause buttons, a micro-USB data port, two IR sensors, two RGB LED lights, 8 input/output ports and 28 pin sockets (for connecting various elements to build robots), two motors for movement, and a universal wheel.

    Applications of servo motors

    Image 2: Applications of servo motors. Source: AOSEED.
  • Servo motor (x4) - a rotational device enabling precise manipulation (from 0° to 180°, default 90º). It comprises a compatible motor linked with a position-sensing mechanism for feedback. The servo motors can be used in many different ways (uniservo, biservo, quadriser) to produce various effects and complexity of movements.

    Video 2: X-KIT features in detail. Source: AOSEED.
  • Ultrasound sensor (x1)- gauges the distance to a target object through the emission of ultrasonic waves, then converting the reflected waves into an electrical signal. This device is capable of detecting objects within its vicinity.
  • Buzzer (x1) - an auditory signaling tool commonly employed in alarm systems, timers, and musical note reproduction. In the X-KIT, the buzzer can be programmed to play different tunes in response to different events.

    The different kinds of pins

    Image 3: The different kinds of pins. Source: AOSEED.
  • Boxes with various types of connecting pins (6x) - the set contains 6 types of pins: pin, ball pin, long pin, axle, axle pin, ball axle. Each has a different purpose, such as simply connecting parts (pin and long pin), connecting with almost 360º rotation (ball pin) or connecting wheels and links to parts (axle). To ensure safe and correct connection, always use the included pliers.

The application

The X-KIT APP - the application can be downloaded on the AOSEED website for PC as well as for Android Tablet or iPad. With this application the users can easily create designs and code, as well as remotely control the built robots and explore a rich library of robot templates (animals, vehicles, construction equipment, fantasy), tutorials, gameplays, and more. 

Video 3: X-KIT APP user interface. Source: AOSEED.

The application allows for extremely easy modular design where the user can easily drag and drop the chosen part onto the design area and assemble the robot, as well as make sockets with the hole tool or add stickers and text. The simplistic user interface and multiple prompts and visual aids streamline the design process and foster creative as well as analytical thinking.

Video 4: X-KIT APP modularized design. Source: AOSEED.

The user interface is very visual and intuitive to enable children to use the app even without supervision. The coding can be done either with the help of coding cards (suitable for pre-school children) or coding blocks (more powerful but still very intuitive). The X-KIT application counts with dozens of premade codes in the Code Library, all represented with easy to understand pictograms:

Graphical coding with the X-KIT

Image 4: Graphical coding with the X-KIT. Source: AOSEED.

Another option that the X-KIT application offers is remote control. With the help of the application and its simple user interface, users can user preset motions or program their own motions and remotely control the built robot via a tablet or computer and the application. 

Video 5: X-KIT remote control feature. Source: AOSEED.

For a comprehensive understanding of the hardware and application functionalities, please refer to the user manual, which offers detailed descriptions and can be accessed in the Downloads section

The benefits

There are numerous benefits that the X-KIT offers to families as well as teachers. Firstly, the X-KIT serves as the perfect companion to any 3D printer, offering a gateway for children of all ages to explore the exciting realm of 3D printing and STEAM in general through its intuitive app, hub, and intelligent code. With X-KIT, parts can be easily designed and printed on any compatible printer, thanks to preset parameters ensuring perfect sizing for the Hub, while still granting complete creative freedom.

Video 6: A review of the X-KIT by Bens Stuff. Source: Bens Stuff.

Furthermore, transforming into a veritable robot factory, X-KIT unlocks endless imaginative possibilities, with over 40 engaging programs to choose from, including driving jungle trucks in dinosaur worlds or programming smart robots along tracks. With fully customizable templates in the X-KIT library, kids can swiftly create their own variations of existing models, fostering creativity without complexity.

A quick start guide as well as a complete manual for the X-KIT can be found in the Downloads section. The user can also refer to the manufacturer's official support page for the X-KIT as well as the AOSEED YouTube channel for more resources and instructions.

The contents of the X-KIT

Image 1: The contents of the X-KIT. Source: AOSEED.

Each X-KIT should contain the elements shown above:

  • 1x quick guide.
  • 1x double-sided map.
  • 1x pliers.
  • 1x bag of rubber tracks.
  • 1x hub.
  • 1x ultrasonic sensor and buzzer (+ 2 data wires).
  • 1x USB cable.
  • 2x wheels.
  • 8x tires.
  • 4x servo motor.
  • 6x box of connecting pins.
Manufacturer AOSEED
HS Code 8477.5
Package contents 1x quick guide
1x double-sided map
1x pliers
1x bag of rubber tracks
1x hub
1x ultrasonic sensor and buzzer (+ 2 data wires)
1x USB cable
2x wheels
8x tires
4x servo motor
6x box of connecting pins


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