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User-friendly FDM 3D printer for STEAM education. Smart design and a wide range of projects.

AOSEED was established in 2011 with the aim of sparking the creativity of children using 3D technology. Their user-friendly applications and educational resources, such as the X-MAKER 3D printer, have revolutionized STEM education on a global scale, enabling youngsters to delve into exploration, innovation, and contribute to shaping tomorrow's world.

Video 1: The X-MAKER 3D printer. Source: AOSEED.

The X-MAKER printer boasts impressive specifications tailored to meet diverse printing needs. With a nozzle temperature reaching a maximum of 260 °C and a bed temperature of up to 110 °C, it ensures optimal printing conditions for various filament materials, especially PLA and ABS which it was designed to work with. X-MAKER's 0.4 mm diameter nozzle enables precise extrusion, resulting in detailed and high-quality prints.

The print quality offered by the X-MAKER printer

Image 1: The print quality offered by the X-MAKER printer. Source: AOSEED.

Despite its compact size, the X-MAKER offers a generous maximum build volume of 150 x 150 x 150 mm, providing ample space for bringing intricate designs to life. Its overall dimensions of 360 x 360 x 380 mm strike a balance between functionality and space efficiency, making it an ideal choice for households, classrooms, small design offices, and much more.

The print head of the X-MAKER printer

Image 2: The print head of the X-MAKER printer. Source: AOSEED.

The X-MAKER printer sets itself apart with a host of advanced features designed to elevate the printing experience. Its automatic leveling system ensures precise calibration, guaranteeing optimal print bed alignment for consistent and accurate prints. Equipped with a flexible magnetic build plate, it facilitates effortless print removal and minimizes the risk of damage to delicate models.

The flexible magnetic build plate of the X-MAKER printer

Image 3: The flexible magnetic build plate of the X-MAKER printer. Source: AOSEED.

In the event of a power loss, the printer's power loss recovery function saves progress and resumes printing seamlessly, reducing wasted time and materials. Moreover, noise control technology ensures quiet operation, making it suitable for use in various environments without causing disruption. These special features combine to deliver reliable performance and exceptional user satisfaction, making the X-MAKER printer a standout choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Video 2: The X-MAKER 3D printer can print with just one click. Source: AOSEED.

Apart from being an out-of box printer almost immediately ready for printing, the X-MAKER printer offers one-press printing and user-friendly features to streamline the printing process. With USB 2.0 output and support for both Chinese and English languages, it caters to a diverse user base, ensuring accessibility and ease of operation. Its intuitive control panel, equipped with a 3.5-inch touch screen, provides a seamless interface for navigating settings and monitoring prints with precision. What's more, to ensure user safety at all times, the X-MAKER printer can have the Child Lock option to prevent unwanted access to the printer.

The touch screen of the X-MAKER printer

Image 4: The touch screen of the X-MAKER printer. Source: AOSEED.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and U disk support, enabling convenient file transfer and management. Compatible with Xcode and Gcode file types, it offers flexibility in design compatibility. Additionally, the printer comes bundled with the X-MAKER App and X-PRINT software, enhancing the user experience with comprehensive tools for design creation and print management. The user can create 3D printable models in a block design module or a free sculpting module. Apart from the dedicated X-PRINT software, the user can also use other laminating software such as CuraPrusa or Simplify3D with a few little adjustments.

Powerful STEAM tool

The X-MAKER printer offers a myriad of applications, catering to various needs and fostering boundless creativity. Encouraging parent-child interaction, it facilitates unforgettable moments of invention and collaboration, forging lasting memories between parents and children. Moreover, as an invaluable tool for STEAM education, the X-MAKER inspires young learners to explore the world of creation, nurturing their problem-solving skills and innovative thinking.

The X-MAKER printer is a powerful tool for STEAM

Image 5: The X-MAKER printer is a powerful tool for STEAM. Source: AOSEED.

The printer's software comes with an ever-expanding catalog of creative 3D models available for direct printing, and it is also possible to access a library of gamified mini 3D design programs and lesson plans. Additionally, serving as a toy factory for children, the X-MAKER printer provides an affordable platform for bringing their imaginative designs to life, enhancing their tactile experience and creativity. Furthermore, by enabling children to create toys through 3D printing, it nurtures their imagination and hands-on abilities, unlocking children's full creative potential.

The manual and a quick start guide for the X-MAKER 3D printer can be found in the Downloads section. There the user will also find the manual for the X-PRINT software.

Video 1: A quick start guide for the X-MAKER 3D printer. Source: AOSEED.

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers numerous resources on the AOSEED support page as well as the AOSEED YouTube channel.

Manufacturer AOSEED
Model X-Maker V4.0
Technology FDM/FFF
Certifications CE / FC / RoHS
Printer Properties
Build Volume 150 x 150 x 150 mm
Extruders -
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Included Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Display 3.5" Touchscreen
Electronics -
Firmware -
Filament Runout Sensor
Print Surface Flexible Magnetic
Auto Bed Leveling
Assembly Pre-assembled
Print Properties
Positioning Resolution (XY) -
Positioning Resolution (Z) -
Layer Height -
Max Print Speed -
Max Extrusion Temperature ≤260 ºC
Max Bed Temperature ≤110 ºC
Heated Chamber -
Software and Connectivity
Software X-MAKER App / X-PRINT / Cura / Prusa / Simplify3D
Compatible Files x-code / g-code
Connectivity U-disk / WiFi
Electrical Properties
Input 100-120 V, 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.6-3.2 A
Output -
Consumption -
Dimensions and Weight
Printer Dimensions 360 x 360 x 380 mm
Printer Weight 10.9 kg
HS Code 8477.5900


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