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ColorFabb filament based on PLA/PHA bioplastic blend available in a wide range of colours. 

ColorFabb is a company based in the Netherlands that develops and produces filament for 3D printing.

The PLA/PHA filament is a filament for FDM/FFF 3D printers, it is made of a mixture of bioplastics, as the name suggests, and is less brittle than other PLAs, and its final quality is surprising.

This ColorFabb filament is based on PLA (polylactic acid) a biodegradable polymer obtained from natural resources, such as starch extracted from corn, beets and wheat, and PHA (Polyhdroxyalanoate), a bio-polyester produced in nature by the action of bacteria by fermentation of sugar or lipids, is a biodegradable plastic and is used in the production of biopolymers.

Pieza impresa con PLA/PHA
Image 1. Piece printed with blue PLA/PHA. Source: Colorfabb

This mixture of bioplastics gives the filament greater strength than PLA alone. Furthermore, taking into account the nature of the two polymers, we can say that PLA/PHA by ColorFabb is a 100% biodegradable filament.

PLA/PHA is a strong, high quality filament that is also available in a wide variety of colours.

The recommended printing temperature for printing PLA/PHA filament is 195-220℃ and at a printing speed of 40 - 100 mm/s.

It is recommended that the print bed temperature is between 50-60 Cº.

As for the build plate, PLA/PHA works well on both heated and unheated build platforms. For those users printing on an unheated build platform, we advise applying adhesive tape to the build area, such as Kapton Tape.

More information on this process can be found on the manufacturer's website here.

General information
Manufacturer ColorFabb
Material PLA-PHA
Format Spool of 750 g
Density 1.24 g/ cm3  
Diameter of filament 1.75 or 2.85 mm
Diameter tolerance

±0,05 mm (Ø 1.75 mm)

±0,05 mm (Ø 2.85 mm)

Filament length ±251.5 m (Ø 1.75 mm-750g)
±94.8 m (Ø 2.85 mm-750g)
Color White, black, bluish white, natural, red, translucent red, green, aqua green, translucent green, pistachio green, pink, translucent pink, blue, navy blue, orange, yellow, grey, metallic grey, gold. 
RAL/Pantone -
Print settings
Printing temperature 195-220ºC
Print bed temperature 50-60ºC
Chamber temperature Not necessary
Cooling fan 0-100 %
Recommended printing speed 40-100 mm/s
Mechanical properties
Izod impact strength  -
Charpy impact strength -
Elongation at break  -
Tensile strength (ISO 527) 61,5 MPa
Tensile Modulus  -
Flexural strength  -
Flexural modulus (ISO 178) 3295 MPa
Surface hardness  -
Thermal properties
Softening temperature  -
Melting temperature -
Specific properties
Transparency -
Brightness value  -
Additional Information
HS Code 3916.9
Spool Diameter (outer) -
Spool Diameter (inner hole) -
Spool Width -

* The typical values detailed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the results and final properties with own tests. For more information you should consult the technical data sheet of the product.

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