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    XYZ Printing

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    Filament manufactured specifically for 3D printers of the XYZprinting brand (Nano, Mini and Junior models).

    PLA XYZ is a filament manufactured for 3D printers of the XYZ printing brand (Nano, Mini and Junior models).

    The 600g 1.75mm coils of PLA XYZ are compatible with XYZ 3D printers. The PLA is a biodegradable plastic obtained from natural resources, specifically obtained from the starch extracted from corn, beet and wheat.

    The PLA is one of the most used materials in 3D printing today because it does not release harmful gases and it is not necessary to have a 3D printer with a warm base bed, which makes it very easy to print with it.

    The peculiarity of the XYZ 3D printers, Nano, Mini and Junior, is that they use a chip in the coil, which is why it is necessary to replace the coils with the manufacturer's own.

    The following video shows how to change the chip in the coil.

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    Manufacturer XYZprinting
    Material PLA
    Format Spool of 600 g
    Compatible XYZ 3D printers Junior, Mini, Nano
    Diameter of filament 1.75 mm
    Printing temperature 210°C
    Manufacturer references RFPLCXEU00D (natural)
    RFPLCXEU03J (light Yellow)
    RFPLCXEU0EC (yellow)
    RFPLCXEU01B (black)
    RFPLCXEU04G (green)
    RFPLCXEU0JB (red)
    RFPLCXEU07B (orange)
    RFPLCXEU0AD (neon green)
    RFPLCXEU06C (white)
    RFPLCXEU05E (light blue)
    RFPLCXEU0DB (blue)
    RFPLCXEU0FE (gold)
    HS Code 3916.9

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