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Touch-screen Klipper-based controller for FDM 3D printers. Manage up to 3 printers at once.

Klipper is an open-source firmware for 3D printers that offloads processing tasks to a more powerful single-board computer, enhancing performance and enabling advanced features. Nevertheless, installing Klipper on a 3D printer involves several steps and requires a good understanding of the printer's hardware and firmware, which is why it tends to be more involved than typical firmware updates and often results problematic.

Video 1: The Speeder Pad. Source: FLSUN.

FLSUN have solved this problem with their Speeder Pad, a controller for FDM 3D printers with the Klipper firmware pre-installed. This solution is not only easy to install, but also highly compatible with most FDM 3D printers (9 printers pre-configured) and filaments. The Speeder Pad allows the user to controll up to 3 printers simultaneously and increase the printing speed by 2-5 times without sacrificing quality thanks to the inuput shaping feature.

Video 2: How to connect the Speeder Pad to the SuperRacer 3D printer. Source: FLSUN.

The Speeder Pad is a handy and compact device with a 7" capacitative touch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. Speeder Pad is equipped with an R818 CPU processor (Quad core A53), a GE8300 GPU, 1 G RAM, and 16 G EMMC. The Speeder Pad offers numerous connectivity methods, including Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, microphone, headset, etc. 

Video 3: Manage up to 3D printers with the Speeder Pad. Source: FLSUN.

The device can be operated either via the touch screen or, when connected to a local network, via a PC or a mobile with the help of the web UI. Furthermore, if the 3D printer is equipeed with a camera, the Speeder Pad will enable real-time remote monitoring and timelapse filming of the 3D printing process.

The Speeder Pad enables remote monitoring

Image 1: The Speeder Pad enables remote monitoring. Source: FLSUN.

The Speeder Pad by FLSUN revolutionizes 3D printing by offering a hassle-free solution for implementing the Klipper firmware. With support for up to 3 printers simultaneously and the possibility to increase printing speeds, the Speeder Pad enhances efficiency without compromising quality. The smart design and robust hardware ensure reliability and ease of use, and the remote monitoring capabilities make the Speeder Pad an indispensable accessory in any FDM 3D printing workflow.

General information
Manufacturer FLSUN
Screen size 7" (154.21 x 85.92 mm)
Resolution 1024 x 600 px
Main frequency 1.6 GHz
System Flsun system 1.0 / Ubuntu 18.04 (linux4.9)
CPU R818 (Quad core A53)
GPU/RAM/EMCC GE8300 / 1 G / 16 G
Connectivity Ethernet / WiFi / Bluetooth / Microphone / Headset, etc.
Input 12-24 V
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions -
Weight -
HS Code 8485.9090


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