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HEPA 13 filter for Beam Air 2.0


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Replacement HEPA 13 filter for Flux Europe Beam Air 2.0.

The laser cutting and engraving process is achieved by the application of focused energy to a region of the material. During this process a number of gases are generated which can be harmful to the user.

Flux Europe's Beam Air is an air filter developed specifically for BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro, providing users of these laser cutting and engraving machines with protection from toxic gases by purifying the surrounding air.

Beam Air 2.0 has 4 barriers to filter out particles from the laser engraving and cutting process:

  • Pre-filter
  • Medium efficiency filter
  • H13 filter
  • Activated carbon filter

Beam Air 2.0 parts

Image 1: Parts of Beam Air 2.0. Source: Flux Europe.

The replacement HEPA 13 filter is an original Flux Europe spare part compatible with the Beam Air filter. It is recommended to replace this filter after 100 - 200 hours of use to ensure the correct functioning of the Beam Air, maintaining all the guarantees, safety and quality that this air filter offers from the factory.

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The following steps must be followed to replace the HEPA filter 13:

  1. Open the top cover of the Beam Air 2.0 filter.
  2. Once the lid is open, remove the pre-filter. Subsequently, remove the medium efficiency filter and finally the carbon filter.
  3. At this point, the user will see a box, which corresponds to the H13 filter. This box will be the one to be removed and replaced with the spare HEPA 13 filter.

To reassemble Beam Air 2.0 we must carry out the disassembly process in the reverse order.


Flux Europe
Product H13 Filter for Beam Air 2.0
Compatibility Beam Air 2.0
Package contents x1 H13 Filter
HS Code 8421.9


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