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Medium efficiency filter for Beam Air 2.0


Flux Europe

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Replacement of the medium efficiency filter for Beam Air 2.0 from Flux Europe.

Flux Europe is a company that develops and manufactures desktop laser cutting and engraving machines together with accessories that improve the manufacturing and the environment surrounding this activity.

Flux Europe has 3 laser cutting and engraving machines, BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro, which have a CO2 laser head that does the work.

The laser cutting or engraving process generates a number of gases that can be harmful to health. For this reason, Flux Europe has developed Beam air 2.0. This filter system is compatible with its 3 laser cutting and engraving machines:  BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro.

Beam Air 2.0 is an air filtration system with 4 barriers preventing harmful particles from creating problems for the user:

  • Pre-filter
  • Medium efficiency filter
  • H13 filter
  • Activated carbon filter

Beam Air 2.0 parts

Image 1: Parts of Beam Air 2.0. Source: Flux Europe.

The medium efficiency filter replacement is a part of the Beam Air filter system that Flux Europe recommends replacing every 50 - 150 hours of use to ensure proper air purification.

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Replacing the mid-efficiency filter is a simple task that can be carried out in less than 5 minutes. For a correct replacement of the mid-efficiency filter it is recommended to follow the instructions below:

  1. The top cover of the Beam Air 2.0 filter system must be opened.
  2. Once the lid is opened, the user is confronted with the pre-filter, which must be removed to gain access to the medium efficiency filter.
  3. At this point the medium efficiency filter can be removed and exchanged for the original Flux Europe filter.
  4. Once the filter has been placed in its correct position, the pre-filter should be replaced or, if it has already been used for the number of hours recommended by the Beam Air 2.0 manufacturer, it should be replaced with a new one.
  5. Finally, the top cover of the Beam Air 2.0 must be put on so that it is properly sealed to prevent leaks during filtering.


Flux Europe
Product Medium efficiency filter for Beam Air 2.0
Compatibility Beam Air 2.0
Package contents x1 Medium efficiency filter 
HS Code 8421.9


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