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Prefilter for Beam Air 2.0


Flux Europe

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Replacement pre-filter for Flux Europe Beam Air 2.0.

Flux Europe's BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro machines are developed and manufactured for laser engraving and cutting applications. These machines are able to engrave and cut thanks to their CO2 laser head, which enables them to focus the necessary energy on the region where the material is to be removed. During the laser cutting and engraving process a number of harmful gases are generated.

Flux Europe has developed a filtering system to absorb and retain the harmful particles released during the manufacturing process of its BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro laser cutting and engraving machines.

Beam Air 2.0 has 4 filter barriers for purified air:

  • Pre-filter
  • Medium efficiency filter
  • H13 filter
  • Activated carbon filter

Beam Air 2.0 parts

Image 1: Parts of Beam Air 2.0. Source: Flux Europe.

The Beam Air 2.0 pre-filter is responsible for retaining the larger particles from the laser cutting or engraving process. Flux Europe recommends replacing this filter every 10 - 30 hours to ensure proper filtration and a purified and safe environment.

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The following steps must be followed to replace the pre-filter:

  1. Switch off and unplug the Beam Air 2.0 filter from the mains.
  2. Open the top cover of the Beam Air 2.0.
  3. Once the top cover has been opened, the pre-filter can be removed and replaced with a new original Flux Europe brand pre-filter, which guarantees correct filtering and operation of the purification system.
  4. Finally, the top cover must be replaced and closed correctly to ensure that the Beam Air 2.0 is properly sealed, avoiding possible leaks or a malfunction of the air filtering system.
Manufacturer Flux Europe
Product Prefilter for Beam Air 2.0
Compatibility Beam Air 2.0
Package contents x4 Pre-filter
HS Code 8421.9


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