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3D printer series with high resolution and high precision LCD technology.

Creality is a company specialising in the design and production of 3D printing related products. Undoubtedly, this company is known for having some of the best-selling 3D printers on the market, due to its great value for money. Creality offers a wide variety of quality 3D printer models that adapt to the user's needs and at a much lower cost than other brands.

Creality is well known for its FDM 3D printers, but it also has a line of resin 3D printers with LCD technology. The Halot LCD 3D printer series includes the following models:

Halot Mage CL-103L

Halot Mage PRO CL-103

Halot Mage CL-103L

The Halot Mage CL-103L 3D printer is characterized by a size-efficient design and numerous smart solutions that make 3D printing with it safe and enjoyable. The Halot Mage CL-103L has a build volume of 228 x 128 x 230 mm (about 45% larger than an 8.9" printer), a 10.3" LCD screen, dual rigid linear rails, as well as powerful motor. Thanks to this sturdy frame, Halot Mage CL-103L can better deal with large prints without wobbling, at speeds of up to 1-5 s per layer.

Video 2: The features of the Halot Mage CL-103L 3D printer. Source: Creality.

As far as resolution, Halot Mage CL-103L is capable of faithfully representing details such as hair, fabric, textures and organic shapes in models. This is thanks to the 8K mono LCD screen with 33,177,600 pixels and 29.7 µm XY resolution. The LCD screen is protected by a tightly sealed tempered glass which keeps the LCD screen safe from scratches, impacts and resin leaks.

Ease of use is ensured by the stylish "MageArch" flip lid, a unique design solution that makes it very easy to open and close the printer with one hand. When the lid is open, the printer is only 25 % taller, the printer itself measuring 333 x 270 x 608 mm. The orange tint of the flip lid blocks 99.89 % of ambient UV light in order to minimize interference. Another smart solution is equipping the lid with a sensor so that when the lid is open, the user is alerted.

Thanks to the intelligent air filtering system (powered and controlled directly via the printer), the user can enjoy a safe and clean environment. The replacable activated carbon filter absorbs irritant resin odor and lasts about 3 months.

The user interface of the Halot Mage CL-103L is a 4.3" color touchscreen with a user-friendly interface and the compatible laminating software options are Halot Box, Chitubox or LycheeSlicer.

Halot Mage PRO CL-103

The Halot Mage PRO CL-103 3D printer has the same dimensions and build volume as the Halot Mage CL-103L printer, as well as the same 10.3" 8K LCD screen. Nevertheless, the PRO version of the Halot Mage printer offers numerous upgrades

Video 3: Presenting the Halot Mage PRO CL-103 printer. Source: Creality.

The main feature that distinguishes this pritner from among competition is its speed - Halot Mage PRO CL-103 offers a printing speed 3.5 times faster (up to 170mm/h) while keeping the astonishing printing quality and crisp detail. This speed is ensured by an advanced motor control algorithm that boosts the motor speed to 100 mm/s.

Just like Halot Mage CL-103L, the Halot Mage PRO CL-103 is perfect for the printing of miniatures, figurines, prototypes, jewelry, props, orthotics, and much more. With the multi-printer control option offered by Halot Box or Creality Cloud, it is possible to arrange a 3D printer farm with multiple Halot Mage printers working in unison and multiplying the output.

The light source for both Halot Mage printers is an Integral Light Source with an over 90 % uniformity. This guarantees consistent quality regardless of the model's position on the build plate. With an 8000μw/cm² light intensity, the Halot Mage printers can cure a layer in just 1 second with standard 405 nm resin, producing smooth surfaces and crisp contours

A new feature is the Smart Resin Pump, a system for automatic resin filling and withdrawal (up to 1 l in 30 minutes). This not only frees up the user's time but also prevents splashes and stains. The feeding tube is compatible with any container.

Similarly to Halot Mage CL-103L, Halot Mage PRO CL-103 displays the smart user interface on a 4.3" color touchscreen. The compatible laminating software options are Halot Box, Chitubox or LycheeSlicer. An added bonus is that with the purchase of this printer, the user is gifted with a one year VIP version of the Chitubox Pro software.

Software and connectivity

Creality has developed its own lamination software for the Halot series 3D printers. Creality Halot Box is a lamination software with a very intuitive interface where you can easily create operations and get the right lamination for each part.

Halot Box

Image 2: Halot Box lamination software. Source: Creality.

In addition, all the 3D printers from the Halot serie have a built-in wifi module, which allows online monitoring of the 3D print as well as remote management via the Creality Cloud App.

Without a doubt, Halot 3D printers stand out for their robustness, stable performance and precision. The Halot series has several options that are tailored to the needs of each user. For example, the enhanced print volume of the Halot Max allows for very precise print details on large parts. 

The user manual can be found on the SD card included with the 3D printer. In addition, Creality offers a multitude of content on its youtube channel, where the user can find tutorials on assembly, maintenance or modification of the 3D printer.

Manufacturer Creality
Model Halot Mage CL-103L
Halot Mage Pro CL-103
Technology LCD
Certificates -
Printer properties
Print volume Halot Mage CL-103L: 228 x 128 x 230 mm
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: 228 x 128 x 230 mm
Laser power -
Light source Halot Mage CL-103L: Integral light source
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: Integral light source
Screen Halot Mage CL-103L: 10.3"
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: 10.3"
Electronics -
Firmware -
Resin level control Manual
Self-levelling -
Integrated webcam -
Printing properties
Positioning resolution (XY) Halot Mage CL-103L: -
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: -
Positioning resolution (Z) -
Layer height Halot Mage CL-103L: 0.05 - 0.15 mm
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: 0.05 - 0.15 mm
Accuracy -
Max. print speed Halot Mage CL-103L: 170 mm/h
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: 170 mm/h
Resin storage temperature -
Operating humidity -
Ambient operating temperature -
Software and connectivity
Software HalotBox, Chitubox, Lychee Slicer
Compatible files STL/CTB/OBJ
Connectivity Halot Mage CL-103L: USB, WiFi, Creality Cloud
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: USB, RJ45, WiFi, Creality Cloud
Electrical properties
Input 100-240 V
Output 24 V
Consumption -
Dimensions and weight
Printer dimensions Halot Mage CL-103L: 333 x 270 608 mm
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: 333 x 270 x 608 mm
Printer weight Halot Mage CL-103L: 12 kg
Halot Mage Pro CL-103: 13 kg
HS Code 8477.5900


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