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Compact dual-function machine for automatized powder refreshing and part post-processing.

The cadMIX machine is a revolutionary solution that combines two essential functions into one device: powder refreshing and part cleaning. Designed by Cadmia3D to streamline the processes associated with SLS (but also FDM) 3D printing, cadMIX offers unparalleled efficiency and convenience to those who work with SLS 3D printers such as Lisa, Lisa X or Lisa Pro.

The cadMIX powder mixing machine with tumbler

Image 1: The cadMIX powder mixing machine with tumbler. Source: Cadmia3D.

In terms of powder refreshing, cadMIX eliminates the need for manual refreshing by condensing multiple steps and accessories into a single automated process. This results in significant time savings, potentially up to an hour depending on the type of dust, while delivering precise results. For the powder mixing functionality, the bucket holds the leftover powder and the refreshing powder.

Video 1: How to use the cadMIX machine. Source: Cadmia3D.

The cadMIX work chamber also doubles as a space for the post-processing of finished prints, whether they are SLS or FDM (for example, metal or wood parts can be sanded with the right abrasive). Utilizing tumbling functionality with adjustable speeds ranging from 1 to 115 rpm, cadMIX facilitates thorough part cleaning, reducing reliance on sandblasting especially for small models. In this case, the cadMIX bucket hold the part to be cleaned and the adequate abrasive material.

The control panel on the cadMIX machine

Image 2: The control panel on the cadMIX machine. Source: Cadmia3D.

Operating fully automatically and compliant with EU safety and technical standards, cadMIX is user-friendly and straightforward. Its compact dimensions of 700 x 420 x 575 mm and weight of 35 kg make it easily transportable, aided by handles (1) and wheels (2) for mobility. Adjustable legs (3) ensure stability on uneven surfaces and the fully enclosed design prioritizes safety, distinguishing it from open or partially open alternatives.

The anatomy of the cadMIX machine

Image 3: The anatomy of the cadMIX machine. Source: Cadmia3D.

The control panel, situated below the chamber door (5), features a frequency converter (6) (10-20 Hz for mixing, 20-40 Hz for tumbling), timer (7), start/stop buttons (8 and 9), and a central emergency  stop button (10) for added convenience and safety. A main switch is placed at the back of the machine, and the position sensor on the chamber door enhances safety by halting operation if the door is improperly closed.

The strap keeps the bucket in place and the sensor (blue) ensures safety

Image 4: The strap keeps the bucket in place and the sensor (blue) ensures safety. Source: Cadmia3D.

In summary, cadMIX revolutionizes SLS 3D printing by automating previously manual processes, expediting print preparation, reducing contamination, and significantly saving time and energy for users. Its innovative design and multifunctionality establish it as a standout product in the industry.

The cadMIX machine comes with accessories

Image 5: The cadMIX machine comes with accessories. Source: Cadmia3D.

The cadMIX machine comes with all the accessories needed to use the machine: a 12 L bucket a pair of protective gloves, abrasive material for the post-processing (vitreous sand), a sieve, a power cable, and a user manual.

Detailed instructions on how to set up, use, and maintain the cadMIX machine can be found in the Usage Tips section and in the Downloads section.

In this tutorial video, the manufacturer explains how to correctly use the cadMIX machine in order to ensure a smooth workflow and optimal results:

Video 1: How to use the cadMIX machine correctly. Source: Cadmia3D.

In the Downloads section the user can find the complete technical datasheet for the cadMIX machine, as well as a quick start guide and a complete manual in PDF format.

Manufacturer Cadmia3D
Product 2 in 1: SLS powder refreshing machine and tumbler for part cleaning
Certificates CE
AC supply pressure -
Abrasive material -
Abrasive material tank capacity -
Working volume -
Speed 1-115 rpm
Electrical properties
Power supply 230 V 50 Hz
Maximum consumption 400 W
Dimensions and weight
Product dimensions 700 x 420 x 575 mm
Product weight 35 Kg
Package dimensions 800 x 450 x 620 mm
Package weight 40 Kg
HS Code 8424.3010
Content 1x cadMIX
1x power cable
1x 29 x 25 cm bucket
1x safety gloves
1x sieve
1x abrasive material
1x user manual


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