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Allow to obtain new surface finishes and add new properties to the parts.

The colorants are UVO® concentrated color pigments urethane free lightfastness and resistants to phthalates ultraviolet light(UV rays). If we add a small amount of the UVO® to XTC-3D epoxy resin   we can get pieces of resistant opaque colors and with a high surface finish.

UVO® colorants kit consists of 9 different colors (Red, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Black and White).


XTC-3D is a liquid epoxy resin is applied as coating layer for smoothing and finishing of printed pieces 3D. XTC-3D consists of two liquids (A and B) are mixed to produce the final product. The coating spreads evenly without leaving marks of brushstrokes. XTC-3D is transparent and can be left with a glossy finish or a matte finish if subsequently sandpaper. With UVO® colorants we can get all the benefits of XTC-3D and older apply the color we desire any piece, which certainly opens up a wide range of possibilities for post-processing on printed pieces with 3D printers.

UVO® colorants are highly concentrated so when applied provide excellent dispersion and a completely uniform color. A very small amount brings color to a lot of XTC-3D. In addition UVO® colorants can be mixed together and combine allowing you to create new custom colors.

To make adding UVO colorant to the resin XTC-3D can be done in two ways; or making the measurement by weight or by volume.

If the mixing is done by weight, should be added a proportion of dye UVO between 0.01% and 3% of the total weight (A + B mixture XTC-3D). Higher concentrations of 1% gives a solid opaque and adding more than 3% by weight may cause inhibition of curing and onset of suppuration.

If the measurement is performed volume is measured in drops. They should add 10 drops of UVO per 3 oz (70 ml) of XTC-3D (Sum of Parts A + B).

For the application of UVO dye should be added in Part A of XTC-3D and then mix this with part B of the epoxy resin XTC-3D. That is, once we know when XTC-3D we need to implement our part we know how much we need UVO (based on the total weight or volume). This amount of UVO we mix with the required amount of Part A of XTC-3D and finally mixed with the B side and we will have the colored resin ready for application on the part you want.

It is recommended not to add more than 3% by weight of the total UVO mix with the XTC-3D as it could produce dye discharge. If this is the first time you are going to use the UVO colorant is recommended to first mix in a small test piece by adding a few drops of food coloring and observe the final result.

It is recommended for application use vinyl gloves to avoid contact with skin and ambient temperature also the ideal enclosure for application is around 23 ° C. It is important to remove the dye bottle before adding it to the mixture with the XTC-3D.

Color guide offered by Smooth-On is a general reference and in no case assumes no liability for color accuracy and the results can vary from one material to another. Therefore the end user is solely responsible for determining the appropriate color and precision. It is recommended small-scale tests.

Manufacturer Smooth-on (USA)
Colors Kit 9 colors (Red, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Black and White)
Weight 300 g
HS Code 3204.1


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