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Resin management system for automatic resin monitoring and filling. Only for Sonic Mega 8K S.

Managing the tank's resin level can be challenging, especially with large prints or batches. This Pump & Fill device by Phrozen was designed to work together with the Sonic Mega 8K S printer to detect the level of resin in the printer's tank and refill it automatically when it's too low. 

The anatomy of the Pump & Fill device

Image 1: The anatomy of the Pump & Fill device. Source: Phrozen.

Running out of resin or overfilling the tank can complicate the cleaning process. With Phrozen's Pump & Fill system, there's no need for constant monitoring and manual refilling of the tank since the Pump & Fill system is going to do it with precision.

The Pump & Fill device installed on the Sonic Mega 8K S printer

Image 2: The Pump & Fill device installed on the Sonic Mega 8K S printer. Source: Phrozen.

Moreover, the system efficiently pumps the remaining resin in the tank post-printing and transfers it back into the bottle. This not only prevents material wastage but also simplifies the cleaning process. The height of the resin bottle must be less than 210 mm and its diameter less than 90 mm. 

It must be kept in mind that Pump & Fill is only compatible with the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S printer.

ModelPump & Fill
Manufacturer Phrozen
Dimensions -
Weight -
Input -
Consumption -
Package Contents 1x pump casing
1x pump cap
1x empty resin bottle
1x valve (valve tube, actuator cable, sensor cable)
1x pump data cable
1x cap data cable
1x peristaltic tube (should be replaced every 6 months)
HS Code 8477.5900


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