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180,00 €
180,00 €

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Part evaluation, debinding and sintering service. Only for Forge1 3D printer owners.

In order to provide the owners of the Forge1 3D printer (part of the MetalFuse solution) with a convenient and comprehensive solution for the design, debinding and sintering of metal partsRaise3D has launched a service called the First Metal Print

The Forge1 3D printer at work

Image 1: The Forge1 3D printer at work. Source: Raise3D.

The purchase of this voucher offers the user the possibility to get the part assessed, and then obtain a free coupon for the debinding and sintering from a trusted partner.

First Metal Print Service

Within the scope of this service, the Raise3D team of experts validates the customer's part designs before printing and provides the customer with the optimized file ready for 3D printing. Thanks to this service, the user can be sure that the final parts will present no issues (as long as the recommendations given by the Raise3D team are followed). The STL files of the parts can be uploaded for validation here.

Uploading the STL file for evaluation

Image 2: Uploading the STL file for evaluation. Source: Raise3D.

It must be kept in mind that in order to have the parts assessed, the user must first purchase this voucher to be able to provide the voucher code on the Raise3D website.

Debinding and sintering voucher

The First Metal Print Service is exclusive to Forge1 users and is sold as a voucher with a value of 180 €+VAT per part. In addition to the design evaluation, the user will receive a debinding and sintering coupon that lets the user have the 3D printed part debinded and sintered by a specialized third party.

How to do it?

  1. Purchase a Raise3D voucher for each part you want evaluated.
  2. Upload the STL file to this Raise3D form.
  3. Receive the file optimized within a week, together with a free voucher for debinding and sintering (Raise3D partner network).
  4. 3D print the optimized model with the Forge1 3D printer.
  5. Send the 3D printed part for debinding and sintering using the obtained D&S voucher (3).
  6. Get the sintered part back after 1-2 weeks.

The benefits of First Metal Print

Thanks to the First Metal Print service obtained with this voucher, the users of the Forge1 3D printer can optimize their 3D printing and post-processing workflow by making sure that no material or time is wasted. The design is evaluated and optimized by Raise3D experts, and debinded and sintered by trusted specialized facilities. Raise3D guarantees satisfaction or money back

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