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A post-curing UV pen for curing models that have to be assembled.

The Phrozen Cure Beam post-curing UV pen is a compact and easy-to-use post-processing tool that allows for the curing of 3D printed models that have to be assembled. Once the Phrozen Light Curing Putty has been applied to the desired zones, the Phrozen Cure Beam pen will cure them in a matter of seconds.

The Phrozen Cure Beam pen

Image 1: The Phrozen Cure Beam pen. Source: Phrozen.

The Phrozen Cure Beam efficiently cures the insides of models as well as hard to reach spots to ensure a longer lifespan of the connections and a durability of the assembled model.

The Phrozen Cure Beam is an easy to store handheld device that comes with a 50 cm cable, a controller, a power adapter and safety goggles that should be used at all times.

It is very important to always use the protective goggles included with the Phrozen Cure Beam and never to stare directly into the UV light

The Phrozen Cure Beam should never be used with other adaptors or electric cords. The UV light source should not be touched or poked with sharp objects and no chemicals should ever be used to rub the lense of the UV devicee.

The detailed instructions of how to use the Phrozen Cure Beam can be found in the Downloads section.

General information
Content 1x Controller
2x UV pen
1x Power adapter
1x Safety goggles
1x User manual
LED specification 405 nm
Controller size 7.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm
UV pen size 1 x 62 cm + 50 cm cable
Power Controller: 5 W
Pen: 3 W
Power requirements DC 7.5 V / 1A
Controller weight 177 g
Product weight 500 g
Additional information
HS Code 8477.50


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