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2-in-1 washing and post-curing station developed for the XiP 3D printer.

The Nexa 3D Wash+Cure station is a compact and automated 2-in-1 post processing solution designed by Nexa 3D especially for the washing and post-curing of parts 3D printed on the ultrafast XiP desktop 3D printer. Wash+Cure is easy to install and use, and it can be turned from a washing station into a curing station in a matter of minutes.

Video 1: Unboxing the Wash+Cure station. Source: Nexa 3D.

In order to use Wash+Cure as a washing station, the user has to choose the rigt mode (2) tilt back the UV LED array (5) to its fully vertical position and place the included bucket (8) on the platform (removing the reflective curing film before). Next, the basket (7) must be placed inside of the bucket filled with xCLEAN or IPA alcohol, and loose parts or the entire build plate can be inserted for washing. Thanks to the magnetic stirrers the parts are always thoroughly washed.

The anatomy od the Wash+Cure station

Image 1: The anatomy od the Wash+Cure station. Source: Nexa 3D.

When it's time to cure the part, the wash bin must be removed, the reflective film (6) and turntable placed on the platform and the LED arm adjusted to the part height. Lastly, the reflective cover (1) must be placed over the platform for safe post-curing. As the curing station is working, the rotating base will turn the part and the powerful 405 nm LED tower will cure the parts evenly. Both the washing and the curing time can be seen on the display (3) and can be adjusted with the help of the knob (4).

The adjustable LED tower guarantees powerful and uniform curing

Image 2: The adjustable LED tower guarantees powerful and uniform curing. Source: Nexa 3D.

The bucket provided with the Wash+Cure station is the same as the Wash+Cure bucket, so upon purchasing the Wash+Cure station the user will be able to employ the 2-bucket washing procedure recommended by Nexa 3D. Furthermore, the Wash+Cure station is validated by material partners (Henkel, BASF, KeyPrint) to be used with their resins.

On the official Nexa 3D support page the user can find many detailed guides on how to properly set up Wash+Cure, how to use the wash mode, how to use the cure mode and what washing and curing times to choose for specific materials. It is highly recommended to see the unboxing video (More Info section) as it clearly explains how to set up and use Wash+Cure.

It should be kept in mind that Wash+Cure is set to wash mode by default. The user should always pay attention to the modes since using the cure mode for washing can compromise the bucket and the solvent.

It is also absolutely crucial to use appropriate protectice equipment when handling solvents (gloves, goggles, garments, respiratory equipment) and to always read the Safety Datasheet of any product before to proceeding to use it.



Manufacturer Nexa 3D
Material -
Modality Washing and curing
Parameters Time
Overall dimensions (piece) -
Curing platform Magnetic and rotating
Maximum weight (piece) -
Wavelength 405 nm
Dimensions (tank) -
LED radiant power -
Further information
Input -
Output -
Power -
Dimensions -
Weight -
HSCode 8477.50


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