Nexa 3D

Nexa 3D is a manufacturer of ultrafast 3D printers accessible to professionals and businesses of all sizes, as well as quality 3D printing resins. The main goal for Nexa 3D is to digitize the global supply chain sustainably by helping reduce turnaround times and increase production flexibility.

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Speed and sustainability

The Nexa 3D team works dauntlessly to prove that sustainable additive manufacturing and supply chain does not mean sacrificing speed and performance. Quite on the contrary, Nexa 3D come up with innovative solutions to boost speed, precision, capacity, performance and economics of projects and businesses of all sizes in all kids of sectors - rapid prototyping, industrial manufacturing, athletic footware, dental, automotive or aerospace. The Nexa SLA 3D printers are capable of continuously printing at speeds of up to 8 liters per hour while producing minimal waste and consuming little energy per part to reduce the carbon footprint. Further in line with the sustainability principle, Nexa 3D partner with ForestNation to help reforest the Earth and generate sustainable livelihoods in developing countries. 

Patented hardware and software

Nexa 3D provides the customers with a full suite of services - from 3D printing equipment and resins (prototyping, engineering, advanced, dental, ceramic, etc), to post-processing equipment, spare parts, software and even patented hardware technologies engineered from ground up especially for high speed 3D printing applications. The technologies in question are LSPc (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing), a print engine created for photoplastics, and the QLS (Quantum Laser Sintering), a print engine for thermoplastics. Both technologies contribute to increasing the print speed and productivity significantly in comparison with traditional SLA 3D printing. Furthermore, Nexa 3D has developed the Digital Twin Printing (DTP) software to unlock new material properties and ensure part performance and production consistency.

The power of collaboration

It is firmly believed at Nexa 3D that they key to sustainable, scalable and efficient additive manufacturing is collaboration. Nexa 3D partners with renowned material suppliers such as Henkel, BASF, and Keystone in order to jointly build and maintain a steady stream of high performance 3D printing materials. All Nexa 3D printers are compatible with materials from various brands, which contributes to democratizing the access to production polymers for a wider range of potential users and applications.