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  • Mosaic Palette 2S - Multimaterial Printing

    Mosaic Manufacturing

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    Complement any 3D FDM printer allowing up to 4 filaments to be used simultaneously.

    All users would like to have at some point a 3D FDM printer with multiple heads to print pieces in various colors or combine materials, for example base material with support material or a flexible material with a rigid one. But if by budget or limitations of the 3D printer itself this combination of materials can not be achieved, this problem is already solved thanks to Palette 2S and Palette 2S Pro, from the manufacturer Mosaic.

    Palette 2S and Palette 2S Pro are two elements that complement any 3D FDM printer (1.75 mm) allowing to use up to 4 filaments of different colors or materials, simultaneously, in real time and without making any changes to the 3D printer.

    Video 1: Palette 2 and Palette 2 Pro. Source: Mosaic Manufacturing

    Its functionality is based on combining four filaments in one only in a continuous way. For this it has four inputs for filament, each input has its extruder and its filament sensor (1), preventing a printing error from occurring due to lack of filament. The output of each extruder leads to the cutting system, which consists of a rotary cutter (2) that divides the filament into the exact length the printer needs for each layer. Once a filament has been sectioned, the material that must go next is joined thanks to the Splice Core (3), a resistance that emits just heat, depending on the materials, to join them. So far it seems that the system is not complex, but then there is the part that makes Palette 2S and Palette 2S Pro very precise machines. When the two parts of the filaments are joined and still hot, they pass through the zona cooling zone (4) to stabilize the material, and finally crosses the Scroll Wheel (5), una adjustment wheel that ensures at all times the correct diameter of the filament.

    Internal parts of the Palette 2S

    Image 1: Internal parts of the Palette 2S. Source: Mosaic Manufacturing

    Mosaic has two versions of these multi-material devices, Palette 2S and Palette 2S Pro, both with the same internal operation and with a good size touch screen.

    Palette 2S

    Palette 2S is the standard version of Mosaic's multi-material. Its operation is precise and its materials of great quality, ideal properties for the users that are beginning in the world of the 3D FDM printing and that will use this product with a not very pronounced repeatability.

    Palette 2S

    Image 2: Palette 2S. Source: Mosaic Manufacturing

    Palette 2S Pro

    Palette 2S Pro differs from the standard version by having elements of greater durability, longer warranty period (2 years), additional spare parts and Splice Core Pro, which makes the union of the filaments 20% faster. All these advanced properties are suitable for users who want to make prints with technical materials, long-lasting prints and large volume.

    Interior parts of the Palette 2S Pro

    Image 3: Interior parts of the Palette 2S Pro. Soruce: Mosaic Manufacturing

    To complement the incredible performance of these multi-material devices, Mosiac has developed CANVAS, a free lamination software that allows preparing prints in a simple way, saving time, material and money.

    CANVAS lamination software

    Image 4: CANVAS lamination software. Source: Mosaic Manufacturing

    To increase the functionality and ease of use of the Palette 2S and the Palette 2S Pro, CANVAS Hub S is available, which uses a Raspberry Pi Zero and OctoPrint as a base to simultaneously control the multi-material machine and the 3D printer. The main advantage of CANVAS Hub S is the automation of 3D printing remotely thanks to its WiFi connectivity.

    CAMVAS Hub S

    Image 5: CANVAS Hub S. Source: Mosaic Manufacturing

    Palette 2S or Palette 2S Pro are the definitive elements that every user needs to maximize the functionality of their 3D FDM printer.

    Mosaic Palette 2 and Mosaic Palette Pro 2 can use the same material in up to 4 different colours, but they also allow different combinations of materials.

    The following table shows some of the possible material combinations and their degree of difficulty. In some cases it is indicated that the combination of materials is "Experimental"; this means that it cannot always be carried out successfully, but that there are users who have successfully printed projects with these materials.


    In addition, Mosaic makes available a great deal of information and resources in the support area of its website.

    Among these resources, you can find recommended configurations for joining different material strands, complete material compatibility charts, or resolution of the most common problems.

    Always keep in mind that the optimal print configuration is different for each printer, so the values Mosaic shares are only a guide. If you have a good printing configuration with a particular media, it is recommended that you use this configuration if you combine strands of this media.

    Another advantage of Mosaic Palette 2 and Palette Pro 2 is that they use the Machine Learning system to improve the quality of the prints as they are used. This is achieved through a scoring system, through which the machine "learns" the configuration of the prints to which we assign the best score.

    Image 1 and 2: 3D printed parts with a 5 star rating. Source: Mosaic.

    Mosaic Palette also has a space on the Thingiverse platform, where it periodically uploads designs adapted to the use of various colours/materials with Mosaic Palette.

    If you are not sure that your 3D printer (only for 1.75 mm) is compatible with Palette 2S or Palette 2S Pro, check the following link.

    Manufacturer Mosaic Manufacturing Ltd.
    Compatible filament diameter 1.75 mm
    HS Code 8477.5

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