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Cabina de secado de filamentos con bandeja y herramientas de postprocesado.

BCN3D Epsilon is the range of professional 3D FDM printers or Workstations, developed to manufacture high volume parts with proffesional materials over long periods of time.

Within the BCN3D Epsilon, we can find Epsilon W27 and Epsilon W50. Both devices differ only in the printing volume, which corresponds to 420x300x220 mm for Epsilon W27 (27 L volume) and 420x300x400 mm (50 L volume).

With this new version of Epsilon printers, BCN3D also offers the option of accompanying the printer with a Smart Cabinet, a solution that has been specially developed to improve the user experience during the 3D design and printing process. This option would be the Epsilon W27 SC.

Smart Cabinet details.

Image 1: Smart Cabinet details. Source: BCN3D

Smart Cabinet (SC) completes the Epsilon ecosystem, offering a perfect interaction with the Epsilon W27 and Epsilon W50 printers. This cabinet increases the printer's performance, keeping the materials in optimal conditions and significantly improving the quality of each print.

Smart Cabinet works by controlling humidity, keeping the filaments in optimal conditions. The dehumidifying area admits up to 8 small reels (between 750 g - 1 kg) or 4 large reels (up to 2.5 kg).

Operation of the Smart Cabinet filament dryer.

Image 2: Operation of the Smart Cabinet filament dryer. Source: BCN3D.

To improve the printing and post-processing experience, Smart Cabinet includes a toolbox that includes all the tools needed, as well as additional storage space to keep the workspace tidy and with all the tools within reach.

Tool tray included in Smart Cabinet.

Image 3: Tool tray included in Smart Cabinet. Source: BCN3D.

Smart Cabinet also has an uninterrupted power supply system that protects the printing process at all times, avoiding the risk of failure due to power cuts.

Smart Cabinet is specifically developed for Epsilon W27 and Epsilon W50, but it is also compatible with BCN Sigma D25 and a multitude of desktop FDM 3D printers, providing great help and comfort during the printing process.

En ambientes demasiado húmedos, los filamentos de determinados materiales pueden absorber humedad y presentar problemas durante el proceso de impresión. Entre los materiales más higroscópicos, podemos encontrar al PA (Nylon) y al TPU.

Estos problemas de humedad pueden generar errores o impresiones de mala calidad.

Manufacturer BCN3D
Desiccant Type Silica gel
HS Code 8477.5


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