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Ideal for all 3D printing users that make own filament with Filastruder.

Plastic coil is ideal for all 3D printing users who make own filament with filastruder because the coil can go the filament winding and create your own recycled filament coil, helping to preserve the environment. It is also ideal for many other applications requiring flexible winding wires of different materials.

Plastic coil is detachable plastic (model A), which gives more versatility to reel itself making valid for many more applications. Plastic coil is available in natural white and black color.

To remove the coil pressure slightly in the three holes and disassembled into two parts.

Color Natural, white or black
Model A Inner Diameter: 40 mm
Outside Diameter: 160 mm
Internal length: 85 mm
External Length: 95 mm
Weight: 150 g
Model B Inner Diameter: 53 mm
Outside Diameter: 200 mm
Internal length: 43 mm
External Length: 54 mm
Weight: 250 g
Model C Inner Diameter: 19 mm
Outside Diameter: 127 mm
Internal length: 64 mm
External Length: 70 mm
Weight: 100 g
HS Code 3923.1


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