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    Nylon Taulman 230

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    First nylon filament to print at low temperatures without the need for hot bed.

    Taulman Nylon 230 filament  is the first of the 3D printer filaments Taulman developed, which is designed to print at low temperature. This filament is printed with a temperature ranging between 225 and 235 ° C.

    In addition to print this filament is not necessary to use hot bed, you can print perfectly cold bed, on which to place Blue Tape.

    Thanks to this Taulman Nylon 230 filament can be used in any 3D printer. Thus, with 230 Taulman Nylon filament makes available to any user of 3D printer the ability to print using heavy-duty piece Nylon Taulman.

    In the following article you can see the main differences of nylon Taulman 3D filaments.

    Nylon 230 Data Sheet_EN

    Nylon 230 Data sheet in English

    Nylon Taulman 230 filament must be used at a temperature between 228 and 235°C. The manufacturer's Taulman recommended temperature is 230ºC. No need to use hot bed, you only have to place a layer of Blue Tape or 3DLac on the bed printing. In case of having warm bed, it is advisable to use a temperature of 45ºC and put on the printer dock 3DLac layer or the like.

    In terms of printing speed, Nylon Taulman 230 filament to print at a speed that is 70-80% speed normally use the 3D printer to print with ABS or PLA.

    • Plastic Type: Nylon
    • Manufacturing place: USA by Taulman
    • Color: Natural
    • Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85 mm
    • Ideal temperature nozzle (printing): 230 °C
    • Print temperature range: 228-235 °C
    • Printing base temperature: Not necessary (Recommended at 45ºC)
    • Net Weight: 450g (1lb)
    • Food use contact: Not Approved
    • Spool diameter: 200mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 130mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Spool Width: 50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 70mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Inside hole diameter: 50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 19mm (Ø 3mm)
    • Shipping Weight: 0.75Kg
    • Shipping Dimensions: 200x50x50mm (Ø 1.75mm) / 135x135x80mm (Ø 3mm)
    • HS Code: 3916.9
    • Dye update.

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