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Stainless steel nozzle compatible with Ultimaker 2.

Olsson Stainless Steel nozzles are specific to the Ultimaker 2/2 + 3D printers, but not exclusive, since they have the same thread size as the E3D v6 nozzles, which is the most common measure in the world of nozzles. 3d printers. Users of the Ultimaker 2/2+ should know that this nozzle is the original for the 3D printer itself. Users of other 3D printers can verify that their extruder is compatible by reading the following article: How to know if your extruder is compatible with an E3D nozzle v6.

Olsson Stainless Steel Nozzles are manufactured in just one diameter (0.5mm) outlet with a tolerance of very small measurements of only 20microns. This diameter is ideal for 3D printing of filaments containing fibers (Conductive graphene Filament, Carbon Fiber Filament Proto-Pasta, Stainless Steel PLA Proto-Pasta, PLA Magnetic, Timberfill Light Wood Tone, Timberfill "Rosewood", Timberfill "Champagne", LayWood 3D, Lay-Brick, Smartfil E.P.) since in smaller diameters it is possible to produce jams very easily, being very difficult to get an impression of pieces that are not of reduced size.

The outstanding quality of Olsson Stainless Steel nozzles is the highest wear resistance compared to Brass nozzles, being up to 4 times longer. This considerably increases the time between each nozzle exchange, thus saving waits and production delays caused by the exchange itself. Because of its wear resistance, this nozzle is suitable for use in 3D prints with filaments containing highly abrasive fibers such as Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber PLA or if the user continuously 3D prints from any type of filament.

The stainless steel nozzles of E3D and Olsson, a clear difference can be seen in the conical part. Stainless steel E3D nozzles have a smaller base cone, which makes it less sensitive to temperature changes caused by agents outside the extruder itself. In contrast, Olsson Stainless Steel nozzles have a larger base cone, which offers great resistance against expansion, making it very accurate when making 3D prints, regardless of temperature. The interior of both is similar, the two have practically the same dimensions and a super polished finish inside. The Olsson Stainless Steel nozzles have a maximum surface roughness of Ra = 1.6, the common surface being only 0.5. All of the above makes these two models, both the Olsson Stainless Steel nozzle (2.85mm) and the E3D Stainless Steel nozzle, one of the highest quality nozzles on the market.

Nozzle Acero Stainless Olsson and E3D v6

Image 1: Stainless Olsson Nozzle and E3D v6

After printing in 3D with filaments containing carbon fibers, metal, wood, ceramics ..., remove it and insert the “Smart Clean”, cleaning filament to prevent further jams.

After mounting the nozzle Olsson Stainless Steel to the 3D printer, the height of the z axis must be adjusted (base leveling).

Be sure to install and uninstall the nozzle with the hotend at the material's printing temperature. If the filament is cold the adhesion will be very strong, needing a lot of force and being able to cause damages in the nozzle. A part can prevent the nozzle from being fully screwed, causing possible leakage.

For the cleaning of the nozzle you can use a piece of cloth or a paper towel, always while the hot nozzle is. If not enough, you can use steel wool or rock wool, but never with scotch brite pads.

Manufacturer 3DVersktan
Material Stainless steel
Type v6
Filament diameter 2.85 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.50mm
HS Code 8477.9


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