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The adjustable spanner is a tool that fits all types of shapes and sizes.

Named as one of the tools that should not be missing anywhere, the adjustable spanner is valid for any type of screw with external hexagonal head or shaped like a parallelepiped. With a adjustable spanner you can operate on most screws and fasteners on the market.

In 3D printing this tool is very used to hold the extruder heater block and change the nozzle without problems. This process always starts by heating the extruder above the softening temperature of the material that has been inside the nozzle. Next, the heater block is held with the adjustable spanner, adjusting the opening of the clamp, and with the spanner nozzle the nozzle is loosened. Once loose, wait for it to cool, remove it from the heater block and introduce the new nozzle. Thanks to perform this operation with the adjustable spanner, large deviations of the heater block and the nozzle are avoided, making the leveling base process much faster and easier.

In addition, this adjustable spannerwrench incorporates two hexagonal holes of 6 and 8 mm in the handle part, and a 15 mm star-shaped hole in the end with which you can tighten and loosen screws very easily and quickly.

Although not common, the adjustable spanner also allows other operations than those of tightening and loosening screws. For example, this tool can be used to readjust the deviation of metal parts, plates or rods by simply adjusting the wrench to the appropriate size and applying a little lever. In addition, with a adjustable spanner it is possible to bend steel sheets (thin) with ease and good precision.

To avoid damaging the tips of the adjustable spanner, make sure you are correctly adjusting the opening of the clamps. The force applied to the adjustable spanner should not be greatly exceeded since this can cause the tool to break or the screw head to wear out.

Manufacturer Berrylion
Size 200 mm
Material Carbon steel
HS Code 8203.2

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