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Set of tools for the maintenance of a 3D printer. Kit in a bag or in a briefcase.

3D printing is an exciting world of personalized creation and manufacturing. However, for this experience to be successful and rewarding, it is essential to have specific basic tools designed for 3D printing. Precision tools for adjustment will enable you to fine-tune every component of your 3D printer with millimeter precision.

Tools for preventive maintenance are also essential for achieving successful and high-quality prints while saving time on repairs. There are two tool kits, one in a more basic bag format and another more comprehensive one with even a briefcase for proper storage and transportation.

Basic tool kit with bag

This kit is essential for any 3D printing enthusiast. It provides you with the necessary tools to keep your 3D printer in perfect condition, achieve high-quality prints, and enjoy a seamless printing experience.

The kit in bag format

Image 1: The kit in bag format. Source: F2P.

The kit includes items such as tweezers, a spatula, a knife, a scraper, a cross key, cleaning brushes, a carving tool, and an electric cutter. In addition to the tools, it includes a red bag for storing the tools, which is resistant and durable, ensuring that the tools are protected and organized.

Tool kit with briefcase

This kit is essential for any 3D printing enthusiast, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional. This customized set of tools is designed to meet all your 3D printer maintenance and adjustment needs.

The kit in briefcase format

Image 2: The kit in briefcase format. Source: F2P.

This kit contains 18 pieces, including tweezers, a spatula, a knife, screws, keys, and more. The case has dedicated space for each tool to help keep the contents organized. The top of the case is protected with foam to protect the tools during transportation at all times.

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