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Special grease tube for lubricating 3D printers.

Grease tube for optimal 3D printer lubricated for 3D printers. This fat is specially designed for use as a lubricant for 3D printer. It is a fat low density which is sufficiently liquid to penetrate inside bearings 3D printer, but while this lubricant has good resistance to heat, so that even if used in printers hotbed lubricant tends not to be liquid and does not begin to drip onto the printer dock (as the lubricants standards not intended for 3D printing).

The use of lubricant Superlube 3D printer is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary wear in both bearings and rods. Also, if the rods and the moving parts of your 3D printer are well lubricated engines need to make less effort to move the print carriage. Thanks to this get also increase the duration of the motors being subjected to a lower load.

Proper lubrication of the moving parts of the 3D printer can also directly influence the final quality of the printed pieces. Because if the rods or bearings are too dry the print carriage may tend to move to blows. Thus you lose accuracy in positioning the print head. 3D printers with hot base lubricant is recommended for printers Superlube every 75-100 hours of use for those moving parts that directly receive heat from the base. 3D printers that do not have hot base, or parts not exposed to heat radiation from the base, is recommended to use lubricant every 200 to 250 hours of use.

To apply the lubricant 3D printer using latex gloves or the like is recommended. Placing on the tip of a finger a little fat and spread on the rods of the 3D printer.

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