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User-friendly laser cutter and engraver with possibility of color printing.

Flux was created with the aim of broadening the horizon of desktop laser cutters, developing innovative laser cutters accessible to all types of users.

Video 1: The Ador laser cutter. Source: Flux.

One of the products from their catalog is the Ador laser cutter, one-of-a-kind device that enables the user to cut and engrave a vast variety of materials and also put color into the design with the optional color printing module.

Modular design

The Ador laser cutter offers an engraving speed of 400 mm/s, accurate alignment, as well as automatic focus and lens calibration. The work area depth is 30 mm for all modules (without triangular prism) and 20 mm with the prism. The power behind Ador's versatility are its three interchangeable modules:

Default diode laser module

The Ador laser cutter comes with a premium quality laser module (10 or 20 W). With this module, Ador has a work area of 430 x 300 mm in case of the 10 W module, and a work area of 430 x 290 mm in case of the 20 W module. The diode laser module's lifespan can reach up to 10000 hours (with correct use and maintenance), ensuring consistent performance and reducing costs.

Video 2: Ador's diode laser module. Source: Flux.

The diode laser module can cut and engrave materials such as plywood (10 W: 8 mm, 20 W: 10 mm), black acrylic (10 W: 5 mm, 20 W: 8 mm), leather (3 mm), fabric (10 W: 3 mm, 20 W: 5 mm), rubber, cement, stone, anode metal and stainless steel. It must be kept in mind that some materials may require multiple passes.

Optional infrared laser module

This 2 W (1064 nm) laser module has a work area of 430 x 282 mm and it is specialized in the cutting and engraving of metal and metal-like materials.

Ador's infrared laser module

Image 1: Ador's infrared laser module. Source: Flux.

The compatible materials are gold, copper, brass, titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, black acrylic, silver and iron. This module is not included with the Ador laser cutter and must be purchased separately.

Optional printing module

Once the object is cut or engraved, this module will add color to it. Its work area is 430 x 270 mm and it is compatible with wood, bamboo, cork, cardstock, fabric, canvas, flat stone, PC, stainless steel, gloss leather and acrylic. 

Video 3: Ador's printing module. Source: Flux.

It must be kept in mind that porous surfaces such as wood, bamboo or cork, require the use of a primer before being printed on.

Installing the printing module

Image 2: Installing the printing module. Source: Flux.

What's more, printed fabric will not resist water rinsing, and materials with glossy surfaces (PC, steel, leather and acrylic) may have poor adhesion and the printed color may be prone to smudges and nail scratches.

The ink cartridges for the Ador laser cutter

Image 3: The ink cartridges for the Ador laser cutter. Source: Flux.

The printing module is very easy to install, uses CMYK eco-solvent ink, and offers a printing resolution of 300 DPI with one color and 150 DPI in blended color mode.

This module is not included with the Ador laser cutter and must be purchased separately.

Ease of use and safety

The Ador laser cutter boasts a user-friendly interface on a 5" touchscreen, coupled with the intuitive Beam Studio software that includes advanced AI capabilities. Crafted for simplicity, Ador is perfect for novices and individuals in search of laser cutting and color printing solutions, all in one.

The Ador user interface and touchscreen

Image 4: The Ador user interface and touchscreen. Source: Flux.

Ador offers various kinds of connectivity (Ethernet, USB and WiFi), and is compatible with multiple operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, Android), file types (SVG, PNG, JPG, DXF, PDF, AI) and design softwares (Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Affinity Design, Autodesk AutoCAD, SketchUp, Corel Draw, Sketch, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros).

The built-in camera

Image 5: The built-in camera. Source: Flux.

The built-in high resolution (8 MP) fisheye camera allows for a quick preview of the cutting or engraving process with just one click.

The Ador safety lid protects from ocular damage

Image 6: The Ador safety lid protects from ocular damage. Source: Flux.

The work area of the Ador laser is covered with a safety lid made of an OD5-grade material to ensure ocular safety. Thanks to this specialistic cover, less than 0.001 % of laser can pass the lid. In case of any anomaly, the Ador laser cutter will stop working automatically.

The Ador laser cutter can be used with the Beam Air filter

Image 7: The Ador laser cutter can be used with the Beam Air filter. Source: Flux.

To give its users an even safer working environment, Flux has designed the Ador laser cutter to include an emergency stop button on the side of the device and to be compatible with the Beam Air filter. During the laser cutting or engraving process, gases are generated that can be harmful to health. Beam Air Filter provies extra protection and purifies the air.

Versatility and innovation

By equipping Ador with the powerful diode laser module and offering the optional infrared laser module and printing module add-ons, Flux has created a groundbreaking device that opens doors to unlimited laser cutting and engraving with a pop of color and multiple materials, from paper and fabric, through leather and wood, to stone and metal.

Video 4: The potential of the Ador laser cutter. Source: Flux.

The ease and safety of use make the Ador laser cutter accessible to any user, whether someone looking to expand a professional device fleet and explore new business opportunities, or those excited to begin an adventure with laser cutting and engraving.

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Manufacturer Flux Europe
Technology Laser cutter
Certificates -
Properties of the cutter
Volume of work 10 W diode laser: 430 x 300 mm
20 W diode laser: 430 x 290 mm

*Optional infrared laser: 430 x 282 mm
*Optional  printing module: 430 x 270 mm
Work are depth Without triangular prism: 30 mm
With triangular prism: 20 mm
Maximum part height -
Maximum load on the working surface -
Maximum sound level -
Integrated webcam
Laser properties
Laser type Diode laser
Laser source class -
Wavelength -
Laser resolution Max. 1000 DPI
Power 10 / 20 W
Cutting and engraving properties
Positioning resolution (XY) -
Positioning resolution (Z) -
Layer height -
Max. cutting/engraving speed 400 mm/s
Max. chamber temperature -
Ambient operating temperature -
Atmospheric humidity -
Software and connectivity
Software Beam Studio
Supported files SVG / PNG / JPG / DXF / PDF / AI
Connectivity WiFi / USB / Ethernet (via USB Dongle)
Electrical properties
Input 100 - 240 V AC
Output -
Consumption -
Dimensions and weight
Cutter dimensions 637 x 488 x 226 mm
Cutter weight 22.5 kg
Package dimensions -
Package weight -
Package content 1x Ador laser cutter
1x Laser module (10 W or 20 W)
1x Vent hose
1x Clamp
1x Power adapter
1x Power cord
1x USB cable
Prism Lift x6
1x hex wrench
1x Lubricating oil
1x Sample wood piece
HS Code 8477.5900


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