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Beam Air 2.0 Filter


Flux Europe

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Air filtering system for a clean and safe environment compatible with Beamo, Beambox and Beambox Pro.

It is becoming increasingly common for small and medium-sized companies or individuals to have their own laser cutting and engraving equipment such as BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro, offering the public access to small-sized equipment with which to obtain professional results.

Flux Europe is a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of desktop laser cutters accessible to all users, which in this case offers an air filter for its 3 laser cutting and engraving devices.

BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro all use a CO2 laser (each model has a 30 W, 40 W and 50 W laser respectively). The CO2 laser emits a gas discharge in a specific area, evaporating the material using the energy emitted by the CO2 laser.

Beam Air 2.0 Installed

Image 1: Beam Air 2.0 installed. Source: Flux Europe.

During the laser cutting or engraving process, gases are generated (both toxic gases and gases from the incomplete combustion of organic materials) that can be harmful to health.

Every precaution is too little, so Flux Europe has developed FLUX Beamair Filter 2.0 to try to reduce the risks that can be caused by the gases emitted during this process, providing extra protection and purifying the air. In addition, it has all the facilities to be installed and put into operation in its three laser cutting and engraving machines.

In order to ensure proper purification, this filter system has 4 filter barriers:

  • Pre-filter: removes dirt particles and water droplets that may be generated.
  • Medium efficiency filter: removes a percentage of particles of a smaller size.
  • H13 filter: system that retains the volatile particles in the air ensuring, in this case being a HEPA H13, a retention efficiency of 99.95%.
  • Active carbon filter: this part of the filter is capable of absorbing the toxic and acid vapours that are generated during the elimination of the material.

Beam Air 2.0 parts

Image 2: Parts of Beam Air 2.0. Source: Flux Europe.

FLUX Beamair Filter 2.0 is an indispensable complement for BeamoBeambox and Beambox Pro users. These laser cutting and engraving machines are ideal for offices, schools and small domestic workshops, so by using this air filter, you can be sure to be in a safe environment with clean air, minimising the risks to which the user is exposed.

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All questions that may arise during the use of this air filter Beam air 2.0 are answered in this link.

ModeloFiltro de aire Beam Air 2.0
Compatibilidad Beamo, Beambox y Beambox Pro
Fabricante Flux Europe
Tecnología Filtro de aire Beam Air 2.0
Propiedades eléctricas
Entrada AC 110V/220V
Salida -
Consumo 180 W
Dimensiones y peso
Dimensiones Filtro de aire 470 x 260 x 490 mm
Peso Filtro de aire 17 Kg
Dimensiones paquete 560 x 340 x 560 mm
Peso paquete 17.3 Kg
Contenido del paquete x 1 Beam Air
x 5 Pre-filter
x 1 Filtro de eficiencia media
x 1 Filtro HEPA H13
x 1 Filtro de carbón activado
x 1 Cable de alimentación
x 1 Cable USB
x 1 Abrazadera para manguera
HS Code 8477.5900


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