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Official extension for engraving taller objects. Compatible with all Mr Beam devices.

The Mr Beam Height Extension & Cutting Frame is an official Mr Beam kit that allows the users of Mr Beam II, Mr Beam II Dreamcut, and the [S] laser head and the [x] laser head to engrave taller objects. The kit consists of three key elements that work together to provide different functionalities.

The Height Extension and Cutting Frame in use

Image 1: The Height Extension and Cutting Frame in use. Source: Mr Beam Lasers.
  1. The height extension - this element is a 30 mm deep tray that is screwed onto the bottom of the Mr Beam device to deepen its working surface and thus increase the usual object height from 38 mm to 68 mm
  2. The cutting frame - the frame is also 30 mm tall which means that it can be placed inside of the height extension to bring the working height back to the standard 38 mm. The cutting frame collects any material bits or dust and is much easier to clean than the standard grid.
  3. Mr Beam sti[x] - the object to be engraved is placed on top of the included 9 sti[x] made of anodized aluminum (24 cm long). These are triangular prism bars that allow for executing cutting jobs that involve multiple passes and handle delicate objects. The position of the sti[x] on the cutting frame is adjustable so that big as well as very small objects can be cut.

Video 1: Mr Beam Height Extension and Cutting Frame. Source: Mr Beam Lasers.

The kit also includes a Mr Beam focus tool that allows to quickly measure the height of the object and focus the laser head. A small screwdriver and 14 screws are also included to help screw the height extension to the Mr Beam / Mr Beam II Dreamcut laser cutter.

Mr Beam Focus Tool

Image 2: Mr Beam Focus Tool. Source: Mr Beam Lasers.

It must be kept in mind that neither the base nor the cutting frame are magnetic. This means that if the user wants to work with materials that require to be fixed by magnets, this must be taken into account before the height extension is installed. A recommended solution is to attach iron plates to the height extension or cutting frame. 

The height extension and the cutting frame have no magnetic properties. If you plan to use magnets to attach materials, it is important to take this into account during the installation process. You may need to attach small iron plates in order to still be able to use magnets.

Video 1: The Mr Beam height extension and cutting frame. Source: Mr Beam Lasers.

Full installation instructions can be found in the Manual in the Downloads section. The manufacturer also provides a video tutorial on the features and installation of the kit (Video 1).

General Information
Manufacturer Mr Beam Lasers
Compatible with Mr Beam II, Mr Beam II Dreamcut, Laser Head [S], Laser Head [x]
Dimensions and weight of the extension 670 x 490 x 40 mm / 1.4 kg
Dimensions and weight of the cutting frame 390 x 250 x 30 mm / 0.82 kg
Package Contents 1x Mr Beam Height Extension
1x Mr Beam Cutting Frame with 9 Sti[x]
1x Mr Beam Focus Tool
1x Small Screwdriver
14 screws
HS Code 3919.9


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