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Resins to manufacture precise parts in SLA technology and with certain advanced properties for XYZ Nobel.

Resins are often required to manufacture precise parts in SLA technology, but at the same time have certain advanced properties. In order to meet these needs, XYZprinting has incorporated engineering resins for its XYZ Nobel printers. Each engineering resin is optimal to offer a different type of resistance:

     Flexible resin
     Resin Tough
     Rigid resin

Flexible resin        

Compatible with SLA XYZ Nobel (1.0 y 1.0.A) 3D resin printers, they allow flexible and durable parts, without sacrificing quality. The high flexibility provided to the pieces makes this resin ideal for printing products with a certain resilience. Solid pieces printed with XYZ Flexible resin exhibit impact resistance, making it useful for the development of functional elements.


The flexible resin cartridges contain a chip that provides the printer with all the data necessary to perform the impressions optimally, and also allows to know at all times the resin available to automatically charge the tank.

Tough resin

It offers properties of high tenacity and impact resistance. Ideal for design verification applications, as well as to create quick-fit connections or structures with high impact resistance, as they do not deform or break easily.


It is only compatible with the printer XYZ Nobel 1.0.A. The color of the pieces printed with this resin is light green.

Rigid resin 

This resin is highly rigid and resistant to deformation, making it suitable for engineering prototypes.


It is only compatible with the printer XYZ Nobel 1.0.A. The color of the pieces printed with this resin is light green.

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  1. Heating of this product is strictly prohibited. Photopolymer resins can generate vapors that can cause discomfort when subjected to high temperatures.
  2. Keep the product in a well-ventilated space out of the reach of children.
  3. Avoid contact of skin or eyes with uncured resin. If accidental contact occurs, immediately rinse the affected area with clean water.
  4. The uncured resin in the tank can solidify if it is exposed to sunlight before it is removed. Therefore, be careful when disposing of uncured resin and do not pour the material directly into the sink.
  5. After printing, any uncured resin on the surface of the printed object should be cleaned with alcohol.
Manufacturer XYZprinting
Technology SLA
Format Bottle of 500 ml (x2)
Operating temperature 18-28ºC
Printing temperature 10-32ºC
Printing resolutions 0.1 mm
Power level (XYZ cured) 3
Curing time 1-2 (Flexible)
15 (Tough and Rigid)
References Flexible - clear (RUFLXXTW00C)
Tough - light green (RUTD2XUS00G)
Rigid - clear (RUTD1XUS00C)
Compatible printers Nobel 1.0 (except Tough) and Nobel 1.0.A
HS Code 2916.1

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