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Engineering resins for applications requiring impact resistance or stiffness and strength.

The Onyx resins are the result of a collaboration between Phrozen and Henkel (Loctite) and were created to provide reliable performance in various challenging applications where the 3D printed parts will be required to tolerate impacts and carry loads.

Onyx Impact Plus

The Impact Plus resin from the Onyx family is a black resin for heavy-duty daily projects and engineering applications. Onyx Impact Plus produces parts with 5x the impact resistance and incredibly strong weight endurance (over 150 kg).

Parts 3D printed with the Onyx Impact Plus resin

Image 1: Parts 3D printed with the Onyx Impact Plus resin. Source: Phrozen.

Furthermore, part printed with the Onyx Impact Plus resin are shockproof and practically unbreakable, capable of withstanding repeated strong impacts.

Video 1: Testing the resistance of a part printed with the Onyx Impact Plus resin. Source: Phrozen.

Onyx Impact Plus is also highly durable and resilient since parts made with it will maintain their integrity and always return to their original shape after being bent or hit.

Onyx Rigid Pro410

Another Onyx resin from the Phrozen portfolio is the Onyx Rigid Pro410 resin, also developed together with Henkel (Loctite). This Rigid Pro410 is a black resin with great engineering capabilities, ideal for the 3D printing of strong and stiff objects with fine details

Parts 3D printed with the Onyx Rigid Pro410 resin

Image 2: Parts 3D printed with the Onyx Rigid Pro410 resin. Source: Phrozen.

Models made with this resin will not deform or break after being subjected to loads, which is why Onyx Rigid Pro410 is an excellent material for the 3D printing of customized objects of everyday use.

Video 2: Introducing the Onyx Pro410 resin. Source: Phrozen.

With the Onyx Rigid Pro410 resin users can print storage organizers, laptop stands, bag holders, wall-mounted hooks for bikes, guitars or sports equipments, clothes hangers and other solutions for everyday problems.

Elongation at break (%) 94
Tensile strength (MPa) 35
Tensile modulus (MPa) 1128
Surface hardness 8

Once opened, Phrozen Onyx resins must be stored properly to prevent degradation of the resin. To achieve the desired properties, parts 3D printed with Onyx resins must be post-processed. The parts must first be washed in IPA alcohol or any other authorized resin cleaning liquid and then post-cured under UV light. Washing and curing can be done with the help of devices such as the Phrozen Cure & Wash Kit or the Cure XL or Cure Mega curing devices.

More information on the maintenance of Onyx resins and post-processing of 3D printed parts can be found in the Downloads section.

General information
Manufacturer Phrozen
Technology  LCD
Material Photopolymer
Wavelength 405 nm
Format 1 kg
Color Black
Compatible 3D printers LCD
Printing properties
Layer height Onyx Impact Plus: 50 μm
Layer exposure time Onyx Impact Plus: 14-25 s
Layer cooling time Onyx Impact Plus: 8-10 s
Lifting height Onyx Impact Plus: 8 mm
Exposure of bottom layers Onyx Impact Plus: 30-35 s
Number of bottom layers -
Curing and washing properties
Washing time -
Curing time -
Curing temperature -
Mechanical properties
Izod impact resistance (ASTM D256) Onyx Impact Plus: 145 ± 10 J/m
Rigid Pro410: 25 J/m
Charpy impact resistance -
Elongation at break (ASTM D638) Onyx Impact Plus: 98 ± 4 %
Rigid Pro410: -
Tensile strength (ASTM D638) Onyx Impact Plus: 37 ± 2 MPa
Rigid Pro410: -
Tensile modulus (ASTM D638) Onyx Impact Plus: 1175 ± 47 MPa
Rigid Pro410: 1687 MPa
Flexural strength -
Flexural modulus 
Surface hardness (ASTM 2240) Onyx Impact Plus: Shore 72 D
Rigid Pro410: Shore 78 D
Thermal properties
Softening temperature -
Brightness value -
Additional information
Service life -
HS Code 2916.1

* The typical values listed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the final results and properties with your own tests. For further information please refer to the product data sheet.


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