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  • Smart Clean Filament

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    With the Smart Clean filament you can clean the extruder of 3D printer to complete.

    Smart Clean Filament (1.75mm or 2,85mm) is developed to clean the extruder 3D printer to complete.

    This Smart Clean filament removes residual material being left inside the extruder, and can be applied in the transition between two different materials are extruded at different temperatures, or when you finish printing.

    Increasingly special filaments that are being used in 3D printing. Some of them are composed of several components (A polymer more finely a granular material to provide a new properties or finishing techniques to a filament). For example, the wood filament LayWoo-D3, ceramic filament LayBrick, the Reflect-Lay or the carbon fiber filament, etc). By using these filaments it is highly recommendable to finish printing using Smart Clean cleaning Filament (1.75mm or 2,85mm) to remove all traces of polymer that can become deposited inside the extruder.

    This filament cleaning is one of the basic elements for 3D printing maintenance. As Filaments Cleaner that helps the dirt that adheres to the filament (dust, etc.) do not enter into the extruder, the filament Smart Clean cleaning helps increase the life of hotend 3D printer.

    Each plastic has characteristics of extrusion determined by what sometimes to change the print of a filament by another lower extrusion temperature, lowering immediately the temperature extrusion at the lower temperature will be remnants of the previous plastic (And most Tª extrusion, which are not now extrude) into the extruder, causing partial clogs. The clearest example is the change print ABS (± 240 ° C) to PLA (± 210 ° C); The remains of ABS remaining inside the extruder not print correctly will soften the PLA, which will cause that part inside the extruder is obstructed.

    Smart Clean filament (1.75mm or 2,85mm) has excellent thermal stability and has a suitable viscosity to drag the material causing the blockage of the extruder and it is not easy degradation.

    Therefore, it is advisable to clean the filament each time you change material or otherwise at a rate of two weeks, in order to ensure that flow is smooth and continuous, and also to extend the life of the extruder will ensure better printing precision.


    Data Sheet SmartCleanFilament_ES

    Data Sheet of Smart Clean filament in Spanish

    Download (186.78k)

    Data Sheet SmartCleanFilament_EN

    Data Sheet of Smart Clean filament in English

    Download (2.15M)

    Clean SMF Safety Data Sheet_ES

    Safety Data Sheet of Smart Clean filament in Spanish

    Download (346.45k)

    Clean SMF Safety Data Sheet_EN

    Safety Data Sheet of Smart Clean filament in English

    Download (412.3k)

    Using the Smart Clean filament is very simple. You only should consider the extrusion temperature. Just be heated extruder 10 °C than the temperature of the latter material has been printed and extrude a certain amount of filament (> 1 meter). If for example you printed ABS should set the printing temperature about 250 to extrude the filament Smart Clean cleaning.

    After a certain amount extrude Strand Smart Clean cleaning should be removed from the extruder and load the new strand.

    • Plastic Type: Smart Clean Filament
    • Place of manufacture: Spain by "Smart Materials 3D" with the most sophisticated current manufacturing technologies.
    • Diameter: 1.75mm or 2,85mm
    • Temperature recommended print: From 160 to 280
    • Format: Pack 50gr or spool of 330gr
    • Biodegradable: Yes
    • Spool diameter: 155mm
    • Spool Width: 45mm
    • Inside hole diameter: 50mm
    • Shipping Weight: Spool of 330gr= 0.6 Kg
    • HS Code: 3916.9