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Tool for applying Magigoo adhesive in a single pass and with high precision.

Specific adhesives for FDM 3D printing are often necessary to mitigate the warping effect and to achieve a good adhesion of the material used to the printing base.

Magigoo is a renowned manufacturer of adhesives for 3D printing, highlighting its catalogue with specific adhesives for different materials, such as PPPA or flexible materials, achieving excellent adhesion even with materials with a high tendency to present warping effect.

Until now, Magigoo has only been available in a 50 mL format, with a handy container and applicator for ease of use. However, in the case of large format FDM 3D printers or 3D printer farms, the 50 mL format can be cumbersome, slow down the 3D printing process and even lead to uneven application that can impact the quality of 3D printed parts.

Image 1: Magigoo applicator. Source: Magigoo.

Magigoo Applicator

To solve this problem, Magigoo has developed a tool: the Magigoo applicator. This device allows the Magigoo adhesive to be applied in a single pass and with high precision, achieving an even application over the entire printing surface.

Video 1: Magigoo vs Magigoo applicator. Source: magigoo.

The Magigoo applicator features a pump sprayer that is screwed onto the Magigoo de 250 mL packaging. The spray is connected to a series of nozzles which, when the spray is actuated, evenly distribute a certain amount of Magigoo onto the silicone rubber roller which, when rolling over the printing surface, evenly impregnates it.

Image 2: Using the Magigoo applicator. Source: Magigoo.

Thanks to this application tool, an adhesive coating of the printing base is achieved with micron precision. In this way, it is possible to apply Magigoo to multiple printing surfaces or large printing bases in a short period of time and to achieve optimum adhesion of the material used.

Starter kit

Magigoo has developed a starter kit for the use of the Magigoo applicator which includes everything needed for the application of the adhesive as well as for the cleaning and maintenance of the tool.

Image 3: Magigoo Coater kit. Source: Magigoo.

The kit includes:

  • Case.
  • 250ml Magigoo Original.
  • Cleaning kit.
  • Spare parts for maintenance.
  • User manual.
  • STL files for print hooks and applicator holder.

The Magigoo applicator offers precision and repeatability compared to other methods such as the use of brushes or rollers, which can adversely affect the surface finish of the adhesive layer and consequently the outcome of 3D printed parts.

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To use the Magigoo applicator, the following steps must be followed:

  1. While holding the applicator flat on the top of the printing plate, the user should press the spray trigger and watch as droplets appear on the silicone roller.
  2. The user should then pull the applicator towards himself, spreading the previously applied droplets along the surface of the silicone roller.

Video 1: How to use the Magigoo applicator. Source: Magigoo.

By following these steps, a thin, even layer of adhesive is formed on the printing surface.

After using the Magigoo applicator it is important to clean the nozzles and roller with a damp cloth.This prevents the Magigoo adhesive from clogging the nozzles. With this small gesture, the user can keep the Magigoo applicator in good condition for multiple applications with optimal results.

Image 1: Demonstration of how to clean the applicator. Source: Magigoo.
Video 2: How to clean the Magigoo applicator. Source: Magigoo.

For more information, please read the instructions available for download in the "downloads" section.

Manufacturer Magigoo
Dimensions Case: 305 x 350 x 115 mm
Applicator: 240 x 150 mm
Weight 2 Kg
Package contents Case
250ml Magigoo Original
Cleaning kit
Spare parts for maintenance
User manual
HS Code 3506.9


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