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PolySher is a machine, which combined with PolySmooth, achieves a smooth and glossy finish effortlessly on all parts made by 3D printers (FFF/FDM).

The company Ultimaker, leading in the manufacture of filaments for 3D printing, has created the Polysher, a machine that combined with the PolySmooth gets the desired finish by all users of a 3D printer and effortlessly.

Video 1: PolySher and PolySmooth. Dource: Polymaker


This machine achieves a smooth and glossy finish of any piece made with the PolySmooth filament in a short time interval (10-30 minutes) in a very simple way. First press the button that goes up the platform, you insert the piece in the Polysher, again press the button of the platform and you turn the wheel to select the time required.

PolySher Widescreen

Gif 1: Time selector wheel. Source: Polymaker


Then a cloud of isopropyl alcohol surrounds the piece and softens the exterior lines of the layers to a uniform and shiny surface finish. The key part in ensuring that all treatment is performed accurately and efficiently is the neutralizer, a piece consisting of a microperforated membrane with holes smaller than 10 microns, which is attached to a microelectric actuator which drives the isopropyl alcohol with a maximum size of 5 to 10 microns, which generates a continuous and dense cloud.

PolySher Neutralizer

Gif 2: Neutralizer. Source: Polymaker


After the necessary time, the machine climbs its platform to be able to remove the piece with ease. For older, the Polysher has internal light with a wide range of colors to increase its decorative appeal.

Multi-colored lights

Image 1: Multi-colored lights. Source: Polymaker


Thanks to this machine the laborious and dangerous surface finishing processes with acetone vapor, typical treatment for the ABS, nothing recommended if carried out of homemade form, since it is a product highly flammable at room temperature even when diluted in water . Polysher has elevated the possibilities for many designers and creators who are already familiar with 3D printing, such as sculptors and toy designers, to be able to realize their ideas in a self-taught way from start to finish and with the spectacular finish, even comparable to manufactured parts by injection of plastic.

Models made with PolySher

Image 2: Models made with PolySher. Source: Polymaker

Before mounting and using the PolySher it is recommended to read the operating manual found in the download section of this product and see the following official Polymaker videos of the assembly and operation.

Video 1: PolySher Set Up and Operation. Source: Polymaker


Video 2: PolySher Features and warnings. Source: Polymaker

  • Manufacturer: Polymaker.

  • Model: PolySher.

  • Compatible Material: PolySmooth.

  • Polishing Liquid: Isopropanol or ethanol, 70% or above (90% or higher recommended).

  • Product Dimensions: 230x270x370mm.

  • Máximum Polishable Part Size: 150mm (diameter) x 180mm (height).

  • Operation Temperature: 15-32ºC

  • Power Requirements: 100-240v, 2A max. 50/60Hz

  • Shipping Weight: 6.8Kg

  • Box and Machine Size:

PolySher Sizes

Image 1: PolySher Sizes. Source: Polymaker


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