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Pack of 12 light dices with inbuilt magnet for enhancing the scanning efficiency and quality.

Utilizing magnetic reference dice proves essential in guaranteeing precise alignment and registration of 3D scans, especially when confronting intricate mechanical parts or objects with irregular geometries, and when markers can’t be used due to an object’s small size or delicate surface.

Video 1: The AESUB scanning dices. Source: AESUB.

These AESUB dices serve as dependable reference points, facilitating the alignment of multiple scans and guaranteeing the faithful representation of the original object in the final 3D model, especially when part rotation or multiple different views are involved.

Video 2: The benefits of using the AESUB scanning dices. Source: AESUB.

AESUB dices offer versatility in accommodating retroreflective targets, supporting up to 11 x 6 mm or even more 3 mm targets. With chamfered bottoms to minimize data loss, these lightweight dices optimize the 3D scanning process for complex objects while decreasing reliance on reference points. Thanks to the built-in magnet the dices swiftly adhere to metal surfaces, simplifying scanning setup.

Combine the AESUB dices with the AESUB dots

In 3D scanning, precise alignment of multiple scans poses a recurring challenge, particularly with complex or irregularly shaped objects. The absence of a consistent reference point often leads to inaccuracies and misalignments in the final 3D model, compromising its quality and usability.

The AESUB dots

Image 1: The AESUB dots. Source: AESUB.

However, integrating the AESUB dices in combination with the AESUB reference points into the scanning process offers a solution. These tools bolster the accuracy and reliability of scans, ensuring enhanced outcomes in your 3D scanning endeavors.


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