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Scan objects with any size and color for any application with metrology-grade precision.

The THREE 3D scanner by Matter and Form stands out in the realm of scanning technology, offering an unparalleled range of capabilities designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals. With the ability to scan objects of varying sizes and capture intricate colors, this scanner boasts metrology-level precision, setting a new standard in accuracy. Unlike its counterparts, THREE eliminates the need for a high-powered and costly computer, seamlessly operating with a wide range of devices, from computers to tablets and even Chromebooks. 

Video 1: Introducing the THREE 3D scanner. Source: Matter and Form.

Gone are the days of painstakingly holding scanners steady while anxiously monitoring for successful tracking. THREE introduces a revolutionary feature: automatic and user-directed scan alignment. Equipped with an included tripod, this scanner simplifies the capturing process. Merely point the scanner at your target, and upon completion, the software effortlessly aligns your scans, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient workflow.

Key benefits

The THREE 3D scanner stands out from among other 3D scanning technologies thanks to the 4 key benefits that make it precise, versatile and easy to use:

  1. Versatile scanning capabilities - THREE offers the capability to scan objects of any size, ranging from real car engines to tiny toy car miniatures. Its adaptable system ensures that you require only one device to cover a broad spectrum of projects, promoting efficiency and convenience in scanning tasks.

    THREE offers the capability to scan objects of any size

    Image 1: THREE offers the capability to scan objects of any size. Source: Matter and Form.
  2. ChromaSpec technology for color precision - leveraging its unique ChromaSpec technology, THREE utilizes the full spectrum of visible light to impeccably capture the geometry of objects regardless of their color. This innovation ensures precise and accurate scans, regardless of the object's color complexity.

    THREE impeccably captures the geometry of objects regardless of their color

    Image 2: THREE impeccably captures the geometry of objects regardless of their color. Source: Matter and Form.
  3. Universal compatibility and seamless operation: THREE leads in 3D scanning tech with onboard software accessible via any modern web browser and OS. It seamlessly works across devices like computers, tablets, and iPads, supporting Linux, Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Operating independently with its web server and internal storage, THREE ensures portability and ease. It connects effortlessly via WIFI or Ethernet, boosting adaptability.

    THREE can be used with any modern browser, OS and device

    Image 3: THREE can be used with any modern browser, OS and device. Source: Matter and Form.
  4. Comprehensive application support and development - with a complete API for programmers and a repository of open-source projects, THREE caters to diverse application needs. It distinguishes itself as the sole 3D scanner featuring a built-in vision development runtime, providing a comprehensive solution for various programming requirements and fostering innovation in scanning technology.

    Video 2: The applications of THREE go beyong 3D scanning thanks to its complete API. Source: Matter and Form.

Technical specifications

The THREE 3D scanner exemplifies cutting-edge technology, featuring meticulously designed software and hardware components for unparalleled performance. Developed entirely from scratch by the Matter and Form dedicated team, the software boasts a harmonious blend of elegance, simplicity, and robustness, seamlessly integrating an onboard CPU and GPU. Equipped with 13 MP Sony optical sensors and a state-of-the-art DLP MEMS mirror projector, the THREE scanner ensures exceptional precision and accuracy in scans. Its connectivity options include WIFI and Ethernet, facilitating effortless access via web browsers on any modern device.

The user interface of the THREE 3D scanner

Image 4: The user interface of the THREE 3D scanner. Source: Matter and Form.

Through exhaustive research and development, the manufacturer has optimized the software to harness the full potential of the hardware, enabling the capture and intelligent processing of scans at a remarkable resolution of 37 microns in approximately 20 seconds. The scanner's impressive capabilities include a rapid capture time of 4 seconds, efficient processing within 10 seconds, and a projector frame rate of 60 frames per second.

The THREE scannerperforms automatic alignment of partial scans into a final object

Image 5: The THREE scannerperforms automatic alignment of partial scans into a final object. Source: Matter and Form.

With a versatile scan object distance ranging from 220 mm to 700 mm, the THREE scanner offers a resolution of 37 microns at 220 mm, 65 microns at 400 mm, and 114 microns at 700 mm, ensuring high-quality scans across varying distances. Its Z-accuracy stands at 33 microns at 220 mm, 150 microns at 400 mm, and 400 microns at 700 mm, guaranteeing precision in scan depth. Notably, the scanner can capture features as small as 0.2 mm (0.0078 in), and while theoretically capable of scanning objects of unlimited size, practical limitations are imposed by the 16 GB storage space.

The proprietary ChromaSpec technology

Matter and Form's THREE 3D scanner pioneers an evolutionary leap in 3D scanning technology through its groundbreaking ChromaSpec innovation. This proprietary technology transcends the limitations of traditional blue or white light scanning methods. Unlike blue light scanners that often struggle with certain color ranges, necessitating the use of scan sprays, ChromaSpec revolutionizes the scanning process.

The design of the THREE 3D scanner

Image 6: The design of the THREE 3D scanner. Source: Matter and Form.

Harnessing the complete spectrum of visible light, ChromaSpec adeptly captures an object's geometry and color, including the elusive black tones, with unparalleled precision. This advancement dramatically reduces the reliance on scan sprays and eliminates the arduous trial-and-error process of adjusting settings.

Infinite applications

The THREE 3D scanner by Matter and Form encompasses a broad spectrum of applications, making it an invaluable asset across various industries. Its seamless integration into 3D printing workflows simplifies the process, allowing effortless creation, meshing, and exportation of designs compatible with any 3D printer worldwide. Leveraging its metrology-level precision and advanced alignment algorithms, THREE becomes an indispensable tool in reverse engineering, facilitating the design and replacement of mechanical system parts with unparalleled accuracy and unrestricted object size capabilities. Additionally, THREE redefines archiving and research, enabling artifact preservation and the sharing of authentic metrics through digital archiving, fostering interactive learning experiences and cultural heritage preservation.

Image 7: Leaf by drewshark on Sketchfab. Source: Matter and Form.

In the educational realm, THREE serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary project-based learning, bridging arts, sciences, and technology by empowering students with the speed, precision, and creative ownership necessary for exploring ideas further using 3D printing. Furthermore, in the domains of art and design, THREE introduces a gateway to digital techniques, catering to beginners and seasoned professionals alike, by seamlessly bridging the physical and virtual mediums to expand creative possibilities. Lastly, THREE serves e-commerce by offering a flexible solution to create interactive, high-quality, full-color 3D product models, leveraging its capabilities to provide a proven advantage in boosting sales within online retail environments.

Image 8: Mustang Air Intake by drewshark on Sketchfab. Source: Matter and Form.

Beyond its remarkable capabilities as a 3D scanner, THREE emerges as a pioneering edge computing device, offering an unparalleled avenue for advancing computer vision and scanning software projects. This is due to the fact that the THREE scanner integrates popular programming tools as plug-ins (JupyterLab and Python) and is supported by an extensive API and open-source project. With THREE's API, users gain precise control over scanning, cameras, projectors, and processing, tailoring functionalities to meet specific project requirements. Whether utilizing existing open-source projects or coding bespoke software, THREE empowers professionals and beginners alike to create and run programs directly on their own computer or the device itself.

Pushing the boundaries of 3D scanning

The THREE 3D scanner redefines scanning technology with its versatile capabilities and precision. It stands out for capturing objects of various sizes and colors with metrology-level accuracy, operating seamlessly across devices without needing a high-powered computer. The scanner's innovative automatic alignment simplifies the scanning process. Its technical specs include a remarkable capture resolution of 37 microns in 20 seconds and a wide scan distance range. The ChromaSpec technology captures geometry and colors precisely. Its applications span industries, aiding reverse engineering, education, art, and e-commerce. Beyond scanning, THREE serves as an edge computing device, supporting programming tools and an extensive API for tailored projects, marking a significant advancement in scanning software technology.

Regarding the installation, use, and maintenance of the product, users can find numerous resources on the Matter and Form YouTube channel. The technical datasheet for the THREE 3D scanner can be found in the Downloads section.

The contents of the package

Image 1: The contents of the package. Source: Matter and Form.

The THREE 3D scanner is delivered with the following elements:

  1. Wired Turntable, with silicone top. Capable of turning up to 20 lbs.
  2. International power adapter plugs.
  3. Large Calibration Card.
  4. Calibration card holder.
  5. Small Calibration Card.
  6. THREE Scanner with Wireless antenna.
  7. 12 V 5A power brick with 10-foot cable.
  8. Premium mini tripod with flexible legs.

If any of the elements are missing, the user should contact the manufacturer.

General Information
Manufacturer Matter and Form
Version THREE
Scanning Modes Single-shot Scanning
Automatic Scanning with Turntable

Automatic Alignment/Points/Color/Texture
Scanning Accuracy 50 µm @ 220 mm
150 µm @ 400 mm
400 µm @ 700 mm
Resolution 37 µm @ 220 mm
65 µm @ 400 mm
114 µm @ 700 mm
Scanning Speed 4 seconds
Working Distance 200-800 mm
Scanner Size 251 x 119 x 31 mm
Weight 709 g
Scanning Area min. 0.2 mm
max. theoretically unlimited, practically limited by 16 GB of storage
Scanning Range -
Frame Rate -
Output Format .obj / .stl / .ply / .xyz / .gltf / .dae / .fbx
Connectivity WIFI / Gigabit Ethernet / Hotspot
Input 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Output 12 V 4 A
Operating Temperature -
Package Contents 1x THREE 3D Scanner
1x Turntable
1x AC power adapter with interchangeable world-wide plugs
1x calibration card
1x user manual
1x product information booklet
1x carrying case
Other Information
HS Code 8477.59

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