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Evaporable, universal scanning aerosol for high quality and high efficiency scanning. 

Spray Blue is a universal evaporable 3D scanning spray developed by AESUB, an expert in the field of 3D scanning. AESUB develops innovative products, aiming for continuous improvement. Therefore, unlike other 3D scanning sprays, AESUB Blue does not contain pigments and therefore avoids pigment contamination in laboratories, production plants, equipment and users.

Video 1: The history of AESUB 3D scanning spray. Source: AESUB. 

The composition of this product has been developed and optimised for maximum compatibility with other materials. In addition, tests have concluded that AESUB Blue evaporates completely without leaving residues on the surface of objects. For more information, please see the "downloads" section.

AESUB Blue Scanning Spray applied on a surface

Image 1: AESUB Blue Scanning Spray applied on a surface. Source: AESUB.

AESUB Blue Spray creates a very thin and homogeneous matt layer that helps the optimal detection of the object to be 3D scanned. In many cases, even with the most advanced 3D scanners on the market, it is necessary to use a spray to opacify the surface of the object in order to obtain accurate measurement results. This is mainly the case for transparent, reflective or indented areas.

AESUB blue Spray has the following characteristics:

  • Evaporable product, no subsequent cleaning required.
  • Minimum film thickness: 8 - 15 µm.
  • Pigment-free composition.
  • Consistent and homogeneous coating.
  • Compatible with other materials.
  • Excellent scannability.

How to use AESUB Blue Scanning Spray

Image 2: How to use AESUB Blue Scanning Spray. Source: AESUB.

This type of 3D scanning spray is ideal for use in combination with handheld 3D scanners such as Calibry or Calibry Mini.

3D scanning sprays such as AESUB Blue are very useful for 3D scanning of parts in various sectors such as industrial, aerospace, energy, reverse engineering, plastic art and others.

Hide color variations (Hide color variations)

AESUB Blue spray is extremely flammable. It is therefore important to keep it away from heat sources, hot surfaces and any source of ignition.

It is recommended to keep the container in perfect condition, do not puncture or burn even after use. In addition, the product should be kept away from sunlight and should not be exposed to temperatures above 50 ºC.

For more information, we recommend accessing the "downloads" section, where you can download the technical data sheet and the safety data sheet of the product.

Manufacturer AESUB
Quantity 400 mL
HS Code 3809.9
Danger and Caution Warnings Inflamable 
For further information, see product safety data sheet.


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