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  • 3D KREATOR MOTION - 3D printer


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    3D KREATOR MOTION 3D printer stands out for its versatility.

    3D KREATOR MOTION is today known as one of the most versatile 3D printers on the market for the wide variety of materials that can print in 3D.

    3D KREATOR MOTION printer was developed through a collaboration between the Department of Mechatronics of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Silesia (Poland) and scientific research team made the best engineers and professionals from the AGH University of Science and technology Krakow (Poland).

    After being brought before the European Parliament commemorating the tenth anniversary of membership of Poland to the EU, has won various design awards and versatility (IDOL 2014, TARBUD 2015, Gold Medal at the Fair Kielce and the award for Best Design Arena Design in 2016 in Poland).

    This 3D filament of a single head, built in metal printer can print on a definition of up to 60 microns in the Z axis filament 1.75mm and reaches a top speed of up to 130 mm/s.

    It includes a self-calibrating system tray and where you will not need to add any spray or other additive in the hot bed for the restoration from sticking, without complicating its removal.

    It also includes a detector material system, which makes printing stops if the coil is completed, and replacing it with another, to continue printing from the point where printing stopped.

    Their menu can be configured in all languages ​​(customizable for each user), it is intuitive and simple operation through their taps. In addition Kreator Motion 3D printer is compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, OS X and Linux) as well as major print files (STL and OBJ).

    Not end here the progress of this 3D printer and to configure the feed material from the machine itself (putting that material to the pre-registered in the gcode) and print speed (and can accelerate up to 200% print speed or lower it to 25% since the printer itself).

    In addition it is ready to run right unpacking (Plug & Play!) And has CE certification and has separate chambers of the filament and the print area, causing dangerous areas inaccessible by chance.

    The following video tutorials you can see the main usage tips Kreator Motion 3D printer.

    Video 1: 3D Kreator Set Up

    Video 2: How to change the filament.

    Video 3: Cleaning the extruder nozzle of 3D Kreator Motion printer.

    Video 4: 3D Kreator Firmware Updates

    Manufacturer3DKreator (Poland)
    Printer properties
    Print volume200 x 200 x 190 mm
    Extruders -
    Filament diameter1,75mm
    Nozzle diameter available0,4 mm
    Filament sensorYes
    Nozzle clog sensor-
    Print properties
    Positioning resolution (XY)60 μm
    Positioning resolution (Z)10 μm
    Layer height-
    Max print speed130 mm/s
    Max extruder temperature260ºC
    Max base temperature110ºC
    Max camera temperature-
    Working environment temperature15-35ºC
    Software and conectivity
    Compatible filesstl, obj
    ConectivityUSB, SD
    Electrical properties
    Input230V - 50 Hz
    Dimesions and weight
    Printer dimensions519 x 395 x 420 mm
    Printer weight18 kg
    Package dimensions650 x 535 x 563 mm
    Package weight25 kg
    HS Code8477.5900


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