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3Doodler accessory kit that allows you to create and innovate by encouraging STEAM skills.

3Doodler is an American brand known for its 3D printing accessories, including the 3D printing pens, 3Doodler, which are ideal for promoting education through entertainment and putting STEAM skills into practice among young people.

STEAM skills are the recorded skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Stimulation of the brain at an early age is very beneficial, as knowledge is acquired more quickly at this age than in adulthood. In the process of making certain projects tangible, children and teenagers can understand complex underlying concepts, assimilating these concepts through practice, in turn helping to keep the learner motivated during the learning process.

The 3Doodler EDU STEM Accessory Kit is a versatile set of accessories that bring hands-on STEM learning to life. This set includes accessories and activities with which students can create and innovate by putting STEAM skills into practice.

Montaña Rusa creada con el Kit 3Doodler steam

Roller coaster created with the 3Doodler EDU STEM Kit. Source: 3Doodler

This kit, which works only with the 3Doodler Start+ and 3Doodler Create+ pens, allows students or users to create anything they can imagine, from small parts to roller coasters and much more! The kit includes reusable moulds: Ball and Plug DoodleMold and Interlocking DoodleMold.


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